Mixing Styles – Lace and Leather

Mixing Styles - Lace and Leather: Leather Jacket Lace Top Outfit - Stylishlyme

A Woman’s Black Motorcycle Jacket

What is the one wardrobe item that models, punk rockers, actresses, rebels, musicians and style insiders all own? A motorcycle jacket.

This is the jacket of choice for emitting that “cool” factor. Keep one in your closet for those days when you want to feel absolutely stylish and daring. Needless to say a motorcycle jacket immediately changes the look and feel of an outfit. It can make feminine look punk and a classic outfit look sexy. Just throw it over your shoulders or wear it zipped up and belted for a “don’t mess with me” look.

The thing I love most about motorcycle jackets are their versatility. They look good with nearly everything and will always match, if you have a black one which you should. Own a black leather jacket because you’ll wear it more than any other color you might buy. Remember what I said yesterday, you don’t have to worry because you’ll always look chic in black (and white).

Mix It Up With Lace and Leather

These style of jackets can be dresses up or down, worn uptown or downtown, and come off as grunge or punk. Just pick your style and mix-and-match accordingly. Anything that sounds like it shouldn’t go together often make for amazing combinations. So why not wear a motorcycle jacket with an evening dress, it will only make you look more sexy.

In this outfit, I mixed lace and leather, feminine and masculine. The white lace top really stands out against the leather jacket yet holds its own. The two items are not competing in this outfit, on the contrary lace and leather have a pleasing balance. The lace top would be too “sweet” on its own, the jacket tones it down and if I would have worn a black or white tank this would have looked too tough which generally is not my style.

Mixing styles, is about having fun discovering outfits that reflect you. It’s supposed to be personal and uniquely you. If a grunge/punk look is not your thing than try punk/mod. Find a style that speaks to you and mix it with another style that adds the perfect amount of irony.

Try mixing lace and leather in your next outfit!

How do you mix-it-up? I would love to know your style combinations.

Stay Stylish,

PS. I wore the same jacket in yesterdays outfit post, wasn’t my intention it just worked out that way.

Leather Jacket Lace Shirt Moto Jeans - Stylishlyme

Moto Jeans, Black Leather Jacket, and lace top. How to mix lace and leather - Stylishlyme

Black Calf Hair Pumps - Stylishlyme

Black Leather jacket and lace shirt

Mixing Leather Lace Outfit - Stylishlyme

Leather and Lace Outfit - Stylishlyme

Peplum Lace Top - Stylishlyme

Moto Jeans from James Jeans | Black Leather Jacket gift from the BF | Lace top gifted from Lily and Violet | Black Pumps gifted from Coye Nokes


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25 thoughts on “Mixing Styles – Lace and Leather

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    hi pretty! so cool look, i love the white lace shirt, kisses


    new post

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    I love both leather and lace and this is an amazing outfit.
    Adela x


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    Convey The Moment

    I am loving the mix of lace and leather!! SEXY lady!

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    Your site is amazing. You are stunning


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      Thank you so much! I’m very happy you love my site!

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    Love the lace!


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    Alexandra Aimee

    Leather and lace– always an amazing combination!

    — Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

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    Love the moto jacket with the lace top.

    I actually have a moto jacket in my latest outfit post. I paired mine with a colorful houndstooth mini skirt and a cashmere sweater. Would love to hear your thoughts.



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      Thank you and I’ll take a look!

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    leather and lace combo never gets old in my book!


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    Love you lace top. The biker jacket really complements it!

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      Thank you Arielle!

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    pumps are great!


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    Chic look! Love that crochet top so adorbs <3




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    kelly jaspers

    great blog and outfit

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    Fantastic lace top and very cute look!!

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    what gorgeous heels!

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    The outfit looks really cute! I love everything, but especially the jeans and the lace shirt.

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      Thank you Olga. These are one of my favorite jeans =)

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    I’m also a huge fan of leather jackets!
    Love to wear mine in combination to a beautiful white lace dress. Leather and lace is a great combination.
    So chic!

    xoxo Juliane

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    black is beautiful

    Looove this super chic look and I love the perfect mix between chic and romantic and cool, stunning, would wear exactly the same

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      Yay, glad you love the outfit!

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    Love your look, so casual and elegant! Lace top is gorgeous!!

    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

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      Thank you so much Viky!