Chic is Effortless

Laser Cut Bag and Red Scarf - Stylishlyme

Effortless Chic - Stylishlyme

Lasercut handbag - Stylishlyme

Dainty Gold Accessories - Stylishlyme

Chic is Effortless - Stylishlyme

Brick Red Decorative Scarf - Stylishlyme

Leather Laser cut heels - Stylishlyme

White Chiffon Shirt - Stylishlyme

Lasercut cut out heels - Stylishlyme

Laser cut Accessories - Stylishlyme

Dainty Gold Necklace - Stylishlyme

Laser Cut Handbag and Shoes - Stylishlyme

Love ID Bracelet, Lace Oversized Ring, Peep toe Shoes, Laser Cut Satchel, Short Double Bar Necklace, Scarf gifted by Sole Society | Shirt gifted by Jigsaw London | Jeans from Buckle

Chic is…

I’m very excited to share with you this latest collaboration with Sole Society!

Sole Society wanted to pay homage to Chic in a “Chic is” campaign. The team at Sole Society honored me with the label of “Chic is Effortless.” In this look I chose my favorite accessories from their collection to put together an effortless look.

When it comes to accessories, you’ll almost always see me with dainty pieces in gold or silver to add a little bit a character and personality to my minimalistic look. So for this outfit, I went with dainty jewelry and selected a laser cut handbag and heels with great details.

Much of the emphasis is on the laser cut details but it’s the coordination that brings it all together. The shoes, handbag and even the scarf offer eye-catching detailed designs. I knew the handbag and shoes would look perfect together but the scarf was an added bonus, it wasn’t until I tied it around the handbag that I noticed that the intricate pattern matched both the handbag and shoes.

Recently, I’ve realized that when I put together an outfit I don’t really look at the overall picture first. I start by looking at the details, then the colors and then hope it all looks good together. But it usually ends up working out.

I hope you like this Chic is Effortless look because I sure loved the way it turned out.

Stay Stylish,

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17 thoughts on “Chic is Effortless

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    Hello Gorgeous!
    *happy sigh* yes, your look is completely effortless. 😀 I’m going to be honest with you: when I want to do “my style” right I’m an over-the-top-colorful-jewelry-gypsy, lol! But when I just need to get up & run out the door, I’m glad I’ll have a sure fire go-to outfit 😉 By the way, LOVE the Love ID bracelet set… dainty jewelry really will have to have a place all it’s own in my wardrobe from now on 🙂

    Check out lia sophia jewelry at & Share the love of jewelry <3
    My own lia sophia website will be coming soon! 🙂

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    Outstanding shots you look great.

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    Looking good!


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    Great Look. I love it.

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      thank you!

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    Wow, Vanessa! This is totally my style! EFFORTLESS! On days where I don’t feel like putting much thought into what I’m wearing, this would totally be my go-to outfit! I love all the details and that blouse…I’m just ready for Spring now. Sigh.

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      Thank you so much! Very happy you think this embodies that effortless feel – yay!

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    hi pretty! so stilish !!

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    gorgeous photos! love that bag


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      thank you nikki!

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    nice bag babe!


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    Perfect! This is definitely chic and effortless! Love that you kept everything simple so attention is called to the cutout details.

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      Thank you Brooke!

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    what a fun bag and adore your heels
    ladies in navy

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      Thank you Kelsey!

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    Love the bag & sandals ));.

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    Such a cute outfit! Love the top.
    xx Stephanie (