What to Wear with Dark Brown Ankle Boots

Distressed Denim Ankle Boots - Stylishlyme

Casual Day outfit - Stylishlyme

Brown Bomber Jacket - Stylishlyme

Casual Day Look for the Park - Stylishlyme

Brown Ankle Boots - Stylishlyme

Brown Jacket Brown Ankle Boots - Stylishlyme

Brown Leather Bomber Jacket - Stylishlyme

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Outfit Posts Around California

You might remember these majestic rocky steps from a travel post I shared with you last year. These photos were taken in Point Lobos State Park, California. I mentioned to you on Twitter that Peter and I, since the first of the year, have been going on road trips every weekend. Hitting the road every Saturday exploring little California treasures a weekend at a time. We also take advantage of the gorgeous scenery to shoot my weekend outfits. I hope you have been liking the breathtaking scenery that accompanies each look of the day.

Casual California Outfit

Now let’s move on to the outfit. I bought these very comfortable brown leather ankle boots on sale about a week ago. Comfortable boots are perfect for long walks. Worth every penny because these Tommy Hilfiger are not only comfortable they’re a neutral color which means they are easily worn with an unlimited amount of outfits.

For such a natural outdoors location I opted for a very laid back look. A brown leather bomber jacket to match my brown ankle boots, distressed jeans and a plain white crewneck shirt. Nothing else is really needed when walking around this National Park.

Accompanying these brown ankle boots with a leather bomber jacket is a must. I bought this jacket about three years ago in Paris at Mango. It’s pretty amazing how long you can keep “essentials” in your closet. Wardrobe essentials are worth the investment.

Have you found your perfect brown ankle boots or leather bomber jacket?

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