A Casual Way to Wear a Paisley Print Dress

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Pairing Denim with a Paisley Print

There is something that I love about pairing casual and dressy pieces. The two contrasting styles create a stylish balance that make for a very interesting outfit.

In this outfit the focus is on two pieces: the distressed denim jacket and the purple paisley print dress. These two pieces combined create a gorgeous combination. Let’s break down the look and see why these two pieces work so well together.

When mixing two different styles keep in mind that they need to be connected in some way. The connection could be in color, fabric, shape or fit.

For example, in this outfit I went with a dark wash denim jacket. I wanted to keep the color palette of the outfit on the darker side. I also didn’t want to distract too much from the paisley print. If I would have paired this dress with an acid wash white and sky blue denim jacket the effect wouldn’t have quite been the same.

Second, is fit. This is a fitted cropped denim jacket. The hem of the jacket ends at the slimmest part of my waist. Therefore the jacket compliments my figure and the shape of the dress. I button up the last two buttons to further cinch in the waist. I didn’t button it up all the way because I still wanted to have the paisley print to show on the top half of the outfit.

The few details in the jacket I was mindful of was the sleeves and the collar. I rolled up the jacket sleeves because I didn’t want to look stuffy. I then raised the collar for an extra touch of attitude.

The paisley print dress was paired with embellished pumps in a similar color. I wanted the eye to move fluidly from top to bottom without being jolted by the addition of another color. This cohesive fall color scheme plays well for the season.

Just in case you were wondering the dress has short sleeves with a high neckline. This paisley print is a stand out and you’re sure to see this dress again this year.

Fun Paisley Print Fact

Did you know that the paisley print was named after the Scottish town of Paisley. Paisley is the main location where this print is designed and manufactured.

How do you mix dressy and casual?

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang

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  • Paisley Print Dress gifted by Donna Morgan
  • Denim Jacket gifted from YMI Jeans
  • Embellished pumps from Kate Spade

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25 thoughts on “A Casual Way to Wear a Paisley Print Dress

  • default avatar

    You look gorgeous in that dress. It is a great color for you. Here is another paisley dress that I think you will love: http://www.fash365.com/2014/10/on-beat-with-street-style-we-found.html

  • default avatar

    You look absolutely stunning in those colours! They suit you really well!

    What a lovely fashion blog you have here by the way! 😀


  • default avatar

    Love the outfit and the shoes work perfectly! Can’t wait to see how you style the dress differently.

  • default avatar

    so lovely!
    adorable look!


  • default avatar
    Kathrine Eldridge

    This outfit if stunning while the fit is impeccable! I adore that skirt and those sparkly pumps!


  • default avatar

    What a pretty face!
    Great color outfit btw!


  • default avatar

    You wore this so well- I also love your lipstick color! Great outfit:)

    Daisy | Simplicity Relished

    • default avatar
      Vanessa Rodriguez

      Thank you Daisy.

  • default avatar

    Love this casual alternative! This is the perfect jean jacket too – have been looking for one for awhile! Your hair is also on point!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

    • default avatar
      Vanessa Rodriguez

      Thank you Jenna. This one is pretty affordable too!

  • default avatar

    I am not a paisley fan, but this dress is absolutely stunning! I love how you have paired it with the denim jacket. I could possibly convert to paisley if I owned a dress like this! xo


    • default avatar
      Vanessa Rodriguez

      Isn’t it gorgeous! I love that it’s an abstract paisley so you don’t noticed the print right away. I think that’s what makes it so unique.

  • default avatar

    Fantastic dress!!! and you look really gorgeous <3


  • default avatar

    Obsessed with those pumps!!!! So pretty.

    If you have a second I would love to hear your thoughts on my most recently blog post. XXOO


  • default avatar

    I love how you styled the dress casually – it’s great to be able to wear a pretty dress in a variety of ways and styles. xx Annette http://www.avintagesplendor.com

  • default avatar

    I love the design on the dress and the jewels on the heels. I love making things casual, and you did a great job! So cute

  • default avatar
    Melanie Sutrathada

    I absolutely love this outfit on you, V! Mixing more casual pieces with dressier ones is my go-to as well. I work in a pretty casual environment but just don’t feel like I can really work unless I’m dressed up a tad. Therefore, I would definitely style a paisley print dress in a similar way!

    Lace and Combat Boots | a life + style blog

    • default avatar
      Vanessa Rodriguez

      I feel the same way when dressing for work! We have pretty casual attire but I still love wearing my trousers and pretty prints <3

  • default avatar

    I’m having major hair envy right not! Your hair is gorgeous. Plus this look is flawless. The colors come across so vibrant and I love that you wore heels the same color as your skirt. This is flawless!!


    • default avatar
      Vanessa Rodriguez

      You’re too sweet Linda, thank you! I’m very happy you love the entire look.

  • default avatar

    That paisley dress is gorgeous – the colors are so vibrant!! I love it. And a denim jacket is a no fail way to make an outfit more casual – it’s my favorite way to make things more daytime appropriate! I love this!

    • default avatar
      Vanessa Rodriguez

      Denim jacket really is the secret sauce to making a look work for day – you’re very right! Happy you love the look!

  • default avatar

    Totally in love with the print of your dress!

    • default avatar
      Vanessa Rodriguez

      Thank you Tara! <3

  • default avatar

    Your look is so super cute!!!!
    Omg, love it!
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