An Outfit for a Romantic Night Out

Black Jumpsuit Gold Jewelry - Stylishlyme

Decorative Window Barcelona Spain - Stylishlyme

Black and Gold Clutch - Stylishlyme

Black Jumpsuit - Stylishlyme

Sleek Side Ponytail - Stylishlyme

Vintage Gold Chanel Belt - Stylishlyme

Ted Baker Stud Earrings - Stylishlyme

Black and Gold Outfit - Stylishlyme

Black Jumpsuit gifted by Karen Kane | Stud Earrings gifted by Ted Baker | Clutch gifted by Cuore and Pelle | Ring & Sandals from BCBG | Vintage Chanel Belt

Black Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Continuing on my Barcelona travel outfit series – today, I share with you an outfit for a romantic night out. Since last week I shared with you an outfit for a casual dinner date, I felt it was only fitting to show you what I wore for a very romantic night out in Barcelona.

Wide leg jumpsuits are elegant and minimalist, which is why I love them. They’re slimming, sophisticated and very comfortable – a perfect look for a night in Barcelona. Summer temperatures mean very hot and humid, loose fabric, deep neckline and small straps kept me from getting too warm or uncomfortable. If the nights had been cooler, I would have draped a loose blazer or jacket over my shoulders to complete the look.

Keeping the minimalistic and romantic feel, I paired this wide leg jumpsuit with a vintage gold Chanel belt (accentuating my waist) a black leather clutch with gold detailing, gorgeous stud earrings and simple strappy heels. A side parted ponytail and red lipstick sealed the deal and completed this romantic outfit.

A black jumpsuit will appear again this fall and winter. It’s solid neutral color and classic silhouette lends itself to changing weather and trends. It can be reworked to fit several occasions and will always look classy.

Do you like wearing jumpsuits? If so, what’s your favorite way to accessorize a jumpsuit?

Stay Stylish,

Romantic Photos by: @peterlang


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