4 Wine Tasting Outfits You’ll Love

4 outfits to wear wine tasting - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

Four Stylish Wine Tasting Outfits

There are a variety of stylish wine tasting outfits you can wear to wine destinations such as Napa. The variety exists because of activities, weather and destination. The two key details that you need to make sure these outfits have is style and comfort.

If you’ve been wine tasting you know that there is a lot of standing, walking, sitting, and more standing involved. You need to wear an outfit that is comfortable for these various activities. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress nice either.

When putting together an outfit find a middle ground. An outfit that is not too dressy but not too casual either. You want an outfit that you can wear all day if need be and easily transition into evening dinner.

In each of the wine tasting outfits above I deliberately focused on different style for each look.

#1: Neutrals and a Beautiful Print

The first wine tasting outfit is focused on neutrals and one gorgeous printed top. The halter top is the main piece in this look. The olive green cargos and wedges are the tops supporting factors. The cargos downplay the shirt and the wedges keep the pants looking classy. With the natural color palette this outfit is in it’s perfect setting.

#2: Stylish Shirtdress and Pretty Accessories

For a stylish approach consider a striped shirtdress. In this outfit I went with a look that was more “dressy” but still had the feel of a weekend casual look. The relaxed fit of the dress and the strips make this dress wine tasting appropriate. I know wearing heels while wine tasting is taboo but I couldn’t help but wear those gorgeous laser cut heels. The two paired perfectly together.

#3: Casual Blue and a Touch of Color

When a lot of walking is involved consider a cute pair of sandals. Keep in mind I said cute pair of sandals, not flip flops. You want to keep it stylish even though you’re toning it down. With these casual wine tasting outfits make sure you have a focus point and something that still keeps the outfit classy. In the third look the sandals were the contrasting pop of color to the blue shirt and pants. When wearing pants and a blouse of very similar color remember to make sure the fabrics and sheen are different. These two blue pieces work so well together because of the fabric differences.

#4: Printed Pants and Light Layers

The last outfit is something that would work for wine tasting locations where walking on dirt would be minimal. Overall it’s a cute and casual look, the patterned pants added some individuality and the heels dressed it up a bit.

I hope you liked this outfit series. Let me know which of these wine tasting outfits was your favorite!

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    I like 1 and 4, but did a blue on blue this past weekend. Lovely post!

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    love 2 look!!!


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    Outfits 2 and 4 are my favorites. You look great!

    Style by Joules

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      Love the shoes from outfit 4!!! Where are they from?