How to Wear a White Lace Top to the Office & Still Be Work Appropriate

Stylishlyme - Wear To Work Outfit

A Spring White Lace Top for the Office

I know bra-bearing tops for the office is a big no-no but there are ways you can make your favorite lace top part of your work attire. I’m in my office almost 6 days a week either in meetings, finishing up projects or working with my colleagues and dressing appropriately for an office environment is a must. I don’t like wearing black all the time, even if it’s simple. I try to find ways to be stylish at work.

In this outfit, I wore an amazing peplum white lace top over a nude camisole and a pair of fun patterned pants with pumps. I was able to balance an extra-girly top with crisp printed trousers. The daring way to wear lace tops is to have your bra exposed but a super simple way to convert this from office inappropriate to appropriate is to add a nude undershirt.

Don’t have any cami’s? Then I would advise you to take a trip to your nearest Forever 21 and buy every color of camisole available. That’s what I did. Why Forever 21 you ask? Well, they’re affordable, available in a variety of colors and you can always go and buy more if you wear them a lot. If you want to add a pop of color to a white lace top or match it with another color in your outfit all you do is add a colored camisole. You can also add a blazer over your white lace top for a more polished look.

Stay Stylish,

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Photos: @PeterLang

Stylishlyme - Lace Cap Sleeve Top

Stylishlyme - Wear To Work Outfit Spring

Stylishlyme - white Lace Top For Work

Stylishlyme - White Pepulum Lace Top

Stylishlyme - Spring Office Outfit

Stylishlyme - Gorgeous White Lace Top

Stylishlyme - Tailored Patterned Pants

Stylishlyme - White Lace Top

Stylishlyme - White Lace Floral Top

Stylishlyme - Gorgeous Peplum Lace Top

Stylishlyme - Blue Patterned Pants

Lace White Peplum Tee gifted by Lily and Violet| Patterned Pants from LOFT


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26 thoughts on “How to Wear a White Lace Top to the Office & Still Be Work Appropriate

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    […] this outfit, I mixed the feminine lace with the masculine leather. The white lace top really stands out against the leather jacket yet holds its own. The two items are not competing in […]

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    Aloha, Vanessa, In love with this look! I love the play with the lace texture and the print of the pants along with the bold color on the lip against the pants…


    And you’re right, your look is luminously natural with a hint of boldness. I’m in love with it.

    And I’m in love with what I’ve seen of your blog so far. Why have I not come across it before? **Add to Feedly RSS Reader**

    Love + aloha, Mae Xx //

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    Hello! Love this outfit, the whole look is inspiring. These are wonderful photos also!

    blue hue wonderland

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    This is an amazing outfit, I’m in love with your pants, love the color!!

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    OH wow! You look more than amazing, such a chic look!
    I really like the dark red lipstick!! x

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

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    I love your pant. The pictures are amazing !

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    Aeroplane and apparel

    Thank you for commenting on my site. Just wanted to say quick hello. Love this look.
    Hope we can like each other
    Love A&A

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    Miranda {onestylishdayatatime}

    Such a beautiful look! Lace can be tricky to pull off at the office, but I think you really nailed it. Such beautiful photography too!

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    this is beautiful and would work perfectly for my office! 🙂 want the top AND pants
    kelsey Ladies in Navy

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    This tee is gorgeous.


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    I love a good lace top! I especially love how you’ve paired this one with a patterned pant! Gorgeous!

    Bold Subtlety

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    Great outfit lovely and beautiful photos xx
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, if you want to follow each other let me know 🙂

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    Beautiful look! Those laces are really lovely.

    Lady of Style
    now on Facebook