How to Dress Up Drawstring Pants

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Chambray Drawstring pants gifted by Michael Stars | Blue Button down from Banana Republic | Black Blazer from Theory | Black Copertina Heels gifted by Chinese Laundry | Sunglasses from DKNY

How to Wear Chambray Drawstring Pants

When you think of light, airy, drawstring pants the first thing that comes to mind are pajamas, well at least for my boyfriend it was. I really wasn’t drawn to the pajama look this year but I have to admit some people really pulled it off the just rolled out of bed looking fabulous look, but I believe pj’s should stay where they belong, indoors. These pants on the other hand are not plaid, flannel or printed with cute holiday snowmen they’re a pair of very chic chambray drawstring pants with an added touch of coolness with a tuxedo strip going down the side. I wore these last on the plane ride to Barcelona, they’re the most comfortable pants to wear while traveling!

Instead of the obvious casual look, I wanted to dress these pants up. To do so I paired them with a crisp button down, blazer and cut out pumps. It ended up being a black and blue outfit which wasn’t intentional but worked out very well.

When wearing drawstring pants keep in mind the length. This can make a huge difference on how you look and it makes a dramatic impact visually on your height. If it’s too long the pants can make your outfit look sloppy and shorter than you really are. You don’t want the pants bunched up at your heels. Just like denim, the length should fall a fourth of an inch off the floor, any longer and the pants will start to drag, any shorter and well… it just looks bad. Or you can do as I did and roll up the bottom to showoff part of your ankle then you don’t have to worry about the length. Also, keep-in-mind that they’re meant to fit loose so don’t get drawstring pants that fit you too tightly.

Have you worn drawstring pants before? I would love to know what you think!

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