Stylishlyme - Vintage Gold Chanel Belt

Stylishlyme - Minimalistic white dress

Stylishlyme - Vintage Chanel Chain Belt

Stylishlyme - Vintage Chanel Belt

Stylishlyme - Simple Gold Necklace

Stylishlyme - Gold and white outfit

Stylishlyme - Double C Vintage Chanel Belt

A Vintage Chanel Belt

First off, I must begin by talking about this amazing vintage Chanel belt, how could I not! Chanel is the epitome of elegance and taste, to own a Chanel piece is to own a little bit of fashion history. I received this double C chain from LXR & Co, who specialize in vintage luxury products, so if you’re in search for some designer vintage check them out!

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To make this belt the center of the outfit I wore it with a minimalistic white dress, leopard pumps and a gold necklace my mom gave me. Hair slicked back of course to keep the Audrey Hepburn look. Nothing in the outfit distracts only adds.

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When putting together a minimalist outfit think ‘elegant simplicity’.

I would like to know a little more about your style! Are you more Audrey Hepburn, Betsey Johnson or something in between? Let me know in the comments!

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Photos: @peterlang

By: Vanessa Rodriguez
Fashion Category: Style