A Black and White Wear to Work Outfit

Black White Gold Outfit - Stylishlyme

Gold Chanel Chain - Stylishlyme

Stylish at Work Outfit - Stylishlyme

Black Pleated Skirt - Stylishlyme

Stylish Work Outfit - Stylishlyme

Gold White Outfit Details - Stylishlyme

Stylish Outfit For Office - Stylishlyme

Floral Pumps Pleated Skirt - Stylishlyme
Daily Fashion Pinnable - Stylishlyme

White Chiffon Top Gifted by Jigsaw London | Wool Ruffle Skirt Gifted by Jigsaw London | Vintage Chanel Chain | Floral Pumps Gifted by Ted Baker

Stylish at Work – Chiffon and Pleats

I dress “professional” for the office every workday.

Aside from blogging, I’m partner in a digital agency so aside from dressing stylish I dress for meetings and the office environment. I try to balance professional and stylish. At times the scale leans towards more towards stylish but I make sure it’s office appropriate.

The black and white trend has been so trendy lately that I’m working on more ways to incorporate this trend into my office outfits. This black and white office look is very feminine because of the pleats on the skirt and blouse which really bring out my girly side. To keep the look from looking one dimensional I added a large vintage Chanel chain and pretty floral pumps. This outfit is not only prefect for work but stylish too.

It’s important to let your personality shine when it comes to your office looks. I know you may get stuck in the routine of black pants, white button down because I’ve been there too. But start making a style change even if it’s just be adding a little bit of color. If you want to give your office outfits a stylish lift then step one is to start with some color. Find the perfect shade for your skin tone then find a blouse that you feel confident and stylish in. Next time you’re getting dressed for work reach for that blouse instead for your same ol’ top.

What do you wear to work? I would love to know – let’s chat in the comments below!

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang


35 thoughts on “A Black and White Wear to Work Outfit

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  2. Gorgeous! Black and white is so classic and chic. Love the addition of your floral pumps—such a fun touch. I work in the creative department at a marketing agency, so we are really relaxed here and everyone can really let their personality show through their outfits. I enjoy dressing up, so I’m usually a bit more dressy than the rest of my coworkers 😉

    1. Thank you Brooke! Where you work greatly influences how you dress but always wear something that shows your personality! Exactly like you do =)

  3. I love this! I’m a huge fan of a black & white outfit, and often default to that combo for office wear, too! I love the detailing on the skirt, and the floral pumps are such fun addition! You look gorgeous!

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