How to Wear Ankle Boots – Fall Outfit Series

how to wear ankle boots - Black Gray Fall Outfit - Stylishlyme

How to Wear Ankle Boots – Transitional Dressing

As I mentioned in my previous post, Fall Outfit Series – Riding Boots, it’s perfect weather for transitional dressing. Many people really dislike this time of year because the mornings are cold and by midday the temperatures can increase 30 degrees but I see it as a time of outfit experiments. This time of year tests your ability to put outfits together that not only look nice but work throughout the day.

I took these photos over the weekend which started as very cold morning and quickly became a hot afternoon. I’m not going to lie and say that my legs weren’t cold because they were but once a couple of hours went by the temperature was absolutely perfection. The black leather jacket kept me warm enough in the morning and I easily removed it once it got warmer. The long sleeve gray dress was perfect to take me through the day without a problem.

The focus today are these awesome black ankle boots. How to wear ankle boots is a question that I get asked quite a bit. Not only for Fall or Winter but throughout the year. Ankle boots are a stylish and most of the time comfortable choice.

Today’s lets focus on how to wear ankle boots for transitional time periods.

These boots are my other neutral for fall. In my previous outfit I wore a pair of brown ankle boots and I had mentioned that those were a essential neutral that I’m going to be turning to again and again because they go with so many outfits, well the same can be said for these boots.

Black ankle boots with a thick stacked heel are pretty much a must have in your shoe collection. Wearing ankle boots with a dress, such as in this post, give an outfit a more casual feel. Of course that also takes into account the style of ankle boot you’re wearing but if you’re going to purchase an ankle boot I would suggest a style that is similar to the one I am wearing.

Because these boots look great with dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, in the summer, winter, fall or even spring.

You might be wondering how to wear ankle boots in the spring! Well, this is when a keen eye for mixing styles is essential. Because pairing these ankle boots with along flowy floral dress makes the perfect spring outfit.

I hope this has answered the question; how to wear ankle boots!

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang
Black Gray Outfit - Stylishlyme

how to wear ankle boots - Stylishlyme

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Brodi Boots gifted by Klub Nico / Gray Tunic Dress gifted by Tart Collections / Leather Jacket gifted by Boyfriend =)


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