Beach Fashion – It’s Not Just Swimsuits & Rompers

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Beach Love & Hate

I have a love/hate relationship with the beach and beach fashion. I love the beach for about 30 minutes, then I’m done with it. I’m not the type of beach lover that will lie on the beach for hours working on their tan. If you can believe it, I dislike tanning and “looking” tan.

The funny thing is that I tan quickly. Put me in the sun for 10 minutes and I already have a tan line. The people that have that ability don’t want it and the people that don’t have it want it. Isn’t that just the way of the world?

Well, let me quickly explain why I don’t like having tanned skin. Growing up I was dark—maybe I’ll share some photos someday on my blog—like the darkest girl in the family, and I hated it. I’m Hispanic, and everyone in my family is as well, but all the women in my family have very light skin. So being a kid, I didn’t like being different. So I’ve never tanned, and I still don’t.

Now let’s get back to beach fashion!

Beach Clothes

Beach clothes and style are not just restricted to bikinis and rompers. Of course, it depends on what you’re doing at the beach. If you’re tanning and taking a dip, of course you need a swimsuit, but if you’re traveling and exploring you can wear a dress, skirt, or other cute beach clothes.

When packing for a beach vacation, I specifically look for stylish beach attire that will look beautiful on and off the beach. Yes, an off-the-shoulder swimsuit is a pretty cute choice as well, but there will be some days when you’re exploring a beach town and not necessary spending your entire day on the sand.

These photos were taken in South Beach Miami (SOBE) at sunrise. After we captured these photos and spent some time walking around an empty beach, we explored SOBE and captured some gorgeous shots of the seaside city. Here I’m wearing a nice spaghetti-strap patterned dress, ankle-strap sandals, and some fun jewelry. This beach outfit is cute, comfortable, and is a great option to wear around town.

Beach Fashion Tips

Elevate your beach style with these beach fashion tips:

Sandals are a must; you can wear some classic Havaianas or opt for something more classy like the sandals I’m wearing in this post. Keep in mind what you’ll be doing and how long you’re going to be walking for. Comfort is key, so don’t wear uncomfortable sandals when exploring a beach town. I was tempted to wear cute wedges with this dress, but it’s unrealistic.

Instead of tons of statement jewelry with a bevy of diamonds, opt for natural jewelry. I wore beaded bracelets in beachy colors with some pieces in natural shapes, like a leaf necklace and bracelet.

A good pair of sunglasses is crucial! Besides shielding your eyes from the blaring sun, you can use them to conceal tired eyes. Traveling is hard on the body and your sleep patterns and if you’re not catching your ZZZs because of jet lag or partying all night, a big pair of dark sunglasses are an essential!

If you’re all about the itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini, then more power to you. But if you want beach clothes that are a bit more reserved, pack a caftan, cover-up, or a fun printed dress. When packing, you’re looking for pieces that you can layer over a swimsuit and are comfortable enough to be in all day if need be. Dresses are always a great beach option.

If you don’t like wearing dresses, wear separates such as a pair of chino shorts in a solid or print and a cute “beach top.” I personally like the chino shorts from JCrew.

To protect yourself from the sun and look super stylish wear a sunhat! I’m not wearing one in this post but here’s a cute beach outfit with a sunhat so you have a visual idea. As you can see from that outfit as well, I like to layer and always have the option to cover up.

Need more beach fashion inspiration? Take a look at these 21 cute beach outfits for more ideas.

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    What are wonderful paradise to unwind during summer. So nice and lovely.

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    A good friend of mine was looking into getting a fashion and lifestyle magazine to better her style. I think this is a great idea and want to learn some things for myself. I like that you mentioned sandals at the beach since this is such a must.

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    I love the idea of getting a stylish beach attire that will look beautiful on and off the beach. I believe my wife would love to have one when we go to our vacation soon. As for me, I’ll look into some beachwear t-shirts that would look nice next to her outfit. Thanks for the great read and the awesome idea for a gift!

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    You have lovely brown skin to me and that isn’t nessasarily a bad thing. I understand the complex many Latinos have with accepting their brown, native features, especially when our culture values European looking features almost to the point of self rejection. When brown girls stay in the sun we get browner naturally and it’s unique and beautiful be proud of the skin you wear and don’t let societal pressures make you feel insecure about what you were blessed with. Keep up the good work!

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    Stunning pictures and place! Amazing outfit! 🙂

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    amazing style. nice outfit.

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    Gorgeous pictures and such a beautiful dress!

    Kiki Simone

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    Your style is amazing. I found this clothing boutique website that sells reasonably priced clothing has a very similar style to yours. Check it out:

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    Lovely post! Your dress is relly stylish!