Summer Fashion Must-Have: Leaf Pattern Shirt

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Leaf Pattern for Summer

Today I continue to share with you the list of summer essentials. The first summer fashion must have was the blue jean shorts, today we move on to the leaf pattern shirt.

This summer there needs be a lovely leaf pattern shirt in your wardrobe. I opted for a flowy leaf pattern spaghetti strap, but you can buy a t-shirt, blouse, sleeveless shirt or button down. Whichever shirt style you choose you is alright as long as it has a beautiful summer leaf pattern on it.

There are two aspects that you need to be aware of when purchasing a patterned shirt of any kind.

First you need to look at the size of the pattern itself. I choose a shirt that has a larger pattern on it. I wanted the pattern to be the primary focus and the large leafs on this shirt draw the attention to the shirt. Typically, it’s mentioned that larger framed women need to stick with larger patterns, and petite women should wear smaller patterns.

This reference to proportion and what looks best on what body type. But each print and each person is different, so you need to find a pattern that works best for your body type. You can follow general style guidelines but in the end you have to find a piece that is most flattering for you.

For example; I decided to wear a larger print instead of something small. I like how this leaf pattern looks on me and the variety of outfits I can make with this shirt.

The second thing you need to be aware of is the color. Since this leaf, pattern shirt is a part of my 14 summer essentials I needed it to be a darker neutral that I could mix and match with in a lot of outfits.

Be weary of purchasing brightly leaf pattern shirts because the numbers of ways you can wear it might be limited.

You can find the shirt I’m wearing in this outfit here! Scroll to the end of the post if you want to see where the other items in the outfit are from.

Stay Stylish,

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