Styling the Risky Horizontal Stripes

Striped Top for Summer

Striped Top for Summer with Shorts

Stripes Pearls and Shorts

Snakeskin Green Flats

Silver Silk Shorts Summer

Large Pearl White Necklace

Horizontal Stripes Friend or Foe

There are many debates about wearing horizontal stripes. Well, most actually say don’t by any means wear horizontal stripes because it will make you look wider than you really are. So I listened to the warning and never bought anything with horizontal stripes. But then, this summer came around and I felt as if stripes were everywhere; horizontal, vertical, diagonal, every which way they could go. So I bought some.

I bought shirts with large stripes, like in How to Wear a Lace Skirt Casually, and skinny stripes like the one I wore in Tulip Skirt and Stripes and now this post with a horizontal striped sweatshirt. I truly couldn’t get enough stripes and I hope I don’t look five times wider in the photos because I really like these striped tops.

Many scientific studies have been conducted on this matter. Yes, scientific studies, and it continues to be an ongoing debate. You can read about a recent study made by Val Watham, who won the BBC’s Amateur Scientist of the Year award for her horizontal vs. vertical study. In short, she concluded that horizontal stripes do make you look wider and vertical stripes make you look taller.

My question today is: do you wear or would you wear horizontal stripes? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang


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28 thoughts on “Styling the Risky Horizontal Stripes

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    Cláudia Figueiredo

    I really like stripes especially in tops and shirts 🙂
    Nice outfit!

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    Kathleen Murphy

    I am smitten with stripes, and how you styled it here is perfection. I have to find a top just like that one

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    nice outfit! you can definitely pull off horizontal stripes!

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      thank you =)

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    Daryl Schmidt

    Where did you buy the sweater? I love it!

    • default avatar

      It’s from H&M.

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    I love this outfit because even you wore a classic stripes and khaki shorts, you still have a bomb shoes. Green snakeskin is amazing. Lovely color.

    xx Diana

    • default avatar

      =) thank you, yes I needed some color one way or another, happy you like the outfit.

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    I love wearing stripes, and I think if worn with the right fit and cut they can look great on anyone! Adore the way you styled them here. And those shoes are divine!

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      Yes, it’s all about finding the right item for you!
      thank you so much lauren!

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    Simone Ann Lim-Foster

    Indeed. I had the same issue with stripes and had recently too wrote a post on wearing stripes. And given my larger size, if the item is picked right and matched right, you can definitely wear stripes and not look big.
    Check out my post on : /
    Love those loafers!

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      This is the reason I selected a lighter pair of shorts also. I will check out your post.

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    I personally LOVE stripes! I need more stripes in my closet.
    And it looks good on you too 😉

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    Debora D

    Lovely outfit dear,you look stunning!


    • default avatar

      thank you so much Debora!

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    Well, actually wearing striped (or rather ruffled skirt is what I did for my last post. Of course, I had some doubts about it, but the question is in proportions, so if you add to your hips, you should also make shoulders look bigger, or, as it is in your case, you matched top with comfortable shorts.

    beholder’s inn

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      I have not worn striped shorts, skirt, or dress very curious as to how i would look. I’m glad I chose to wear neutral colored shorts.

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    You don’t have to worry about horizontal stripes coz u are so slim! 😀
    nice one 🙂

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      your too sweet thank you so much!

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    love it! so cute!

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    Zahra Sandberg

    Love the look – and I love horizontal stripes- and the shoes are amazing!


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    Stefany Pham

    You look gorgeous. Love the snake printed slippers. Such a great color pop in this look. And I love wearing stripes! A very casual and kind of edgy but chic pattern.

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      thank you Stefany!

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    Yes of course, why not! Actually i have in my wardrobe a lot of t-shirts with “risky horizontal stripes” and i wear it with light shorts as you, skiny jeans or mini-skirt in same colour 🙂 I just like this “navy style”

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      wonderful!! Cause I like wearing them too!

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    Mélanie L

    THANKS! 🙂

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    Nice loafers!