The Shortcut to Great Style – Balance

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Make Sure Your Outfit Has Balance

There are many things that attribute to a great outfit. The individual pieces, the colors, the accessories, the shoes and of course YOU!

Of all the aspects you need to take into account when getting dressed, making sure the outfit has balance is one of the key points in having a great outfit.

I shared with you the 5 step checklist to looking stylish everyday this month, if you haven’t read them, make sure to check these out. One of those 5 points is balance.

Many women at times get slightly bummed at the fact that they can’t buy all the trendiest clothes or those designer $150 jeans. But you see style is not about how much clothes you own, the brands or the cost, it’s about how you put it all together everyday. You don’t need to spend a fortune to be stylish.

When putting together an outfit pay attention to the entire look, including makeup and hair. Ask yourself: does every piece in my outfit make this look complete? Does every piece make sense?

We are all attracted to things that are in harmony. Harmony is balance, symmetry, coordination, compatibility. “The quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

So everyday before walking out the door step in front of the mirror and ask yourself truthfully; “Is my outfit in balance? Does it look confusing?”

If you answer yes! Then head out and have a fabulous day.

If you answer no! Your outfit needs reworking. You might have two colors that don’t coordinate. Or the textures don’t compliment. Maybe you should wear your hair up instead of down. Also take into account what you’re doing that day.

If you just pay attention to this one point and ignore the rest you’ll be in good shape, it’s the shortcut to great style.

Stay Stylish,

PS: As I’m writing this we’re driving to the Grand Canyon! It’ll be my first visit to a natural wonder of the world! Follow me on Instagram for photos from the road.

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Zac Posen Structured Handbag Calf Hair -

Fossil Black Jeans -

Black Jeans and button down outfit -

Black jeans and dark blue button down shirt-

Fossil Skinny black Jeans in Asphalt Wash -


Black Jeans gifted by Fossil / Blue Button Down from LOFT / Black Ankle Boots gifted from Klub Nico / Structured Satchel from ZAC Zac Posen / Burberry Sunglasses gifted from DITTO / Necklace from LOFT / Earrings from LOFT

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    LED Mask

    Looking beautiful. Really classy outfit. Like the jeans and boots so much. I really wanna have that outfit.