Red Rock Canyon – Nevada

Stylishlyme - Dark DKNY Sunglasses Spring

Stylishlyme - Red Rock Canyon Walking Trail

Stylishlyme - Spring Striped Red Dress

Stylishlyme - Gorgeous Red Rock Canyon

Stylishlyme - Red Rock Canyon

Stylishlyme - Red Stripes Dress

Stylishlyme - Red Rock Canyon

Stylishlyme - Red Rock Canyon Hiking

Stylishlyme - Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive

Stylishlyme - Red Rock Canyon Nevada

Stylishlyme - Red Rock Canyon Drive

Stylishlyme - Nevada Red Rock Road

Stylishlyme - How To Wear Stripes

Stylishlyme - Driving to Red Rock Canyon

Red Striped Dress gifted by Michael Stars

Red Rock Nevada – It’s Not Called a Scenic Drive for Nothing

Before leaving Nevada we decided to take a scenic drive and explore the mountain region surrounding Las Vegas. With no plan, we just drove. We didn’t really know where we were going but lucky for us we stumbled upon a complete amazing destination that is drastically the opposite of the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon Conservation. The serene outdoors, no buildings, just nature. We weren’t prepared to walk very far or hike Red Rock Canyon so we simply enjoyed the 13-mile scenic drive.

This mini 13-mile adventure took us on winding roads, vast views of Las Vegas and spectacular panoramic vistas. But of course we took time to pull over at a few of the designated parking locations to get a close up look of the amazing rock formations and vivid colors. As you can see I’m wearing a red dress, a coincidence, red dress in red rock. It just worked out perfectly. This was an impeccable conclusion to our week in Las Vegas!

What do you think of this gorgeous place? Have you ever been or heard of Red Rock Canyon?

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Photos: @peterlang


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18 thoughts on “Red Rock Canyon – Nevada

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    Hey dear now I am really really thankful to you for commenting on my blog otherwise I wouldn’t have found you blog. Phewwww…. Mind blowing pictures and you are stunning I must say.

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos! Who knew anyone could look this stylish being surrounded by rock and desert?!

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    Wow! The photos are fantastic!

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      Thank you =)

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    Amazing photoshoot!! You look gorgeous.
    I am so impressed by your blog. Your style, the photos, everything. Very professional yet personal.
    I love it and certainly will be back.

    I have been to the States several times but unfortunately never had a chance to visit Nevada yet.

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog!
    Lady of Style

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      Thank you so much Annette! I’m so very happy you like my blog!

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    Thanks for your comment!
    Amazing pictures!

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    Wow stunning pictures,love the places!


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    Very nice pics and your dress. Great day.

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    Alice & Gabriella

    We adore your styling,
    lovely and interesting blog.

    Loving it!!!


    Our Blog – F A S H I O N O X Y G E N

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    Beautiful picts and style!! Good luck in Nevada..
    I hope you visit my blog and the new entry
    xoxo from germany

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    Que fotos más chulas. Me encantaron
    Gracias por pasarte por mi blog. Ya tienes una nueva seguidora 🙂
    Feliz Domingo

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      Muchisimas gracias Mila!

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    Laura Verzeletti

    Amazing photos..and you look so chic!

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    great dress and amazing pics. i love the sunny weather!

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    Amazing photos! I love this dress and the canyon provides a gorgeous backdrop! Beautiful.

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

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      Thank you, Kenya!