Items with Deeper Meaning

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More Than Just Material

The season of joy, giving, family get-togethers and dinners are here. During this season we take time to reflect upon the things we’ve done throughout the year, people that are important to us and of course the gifts we give. These could be gifts for loved ones and also those in need.

We also take the time to appreciate the items we have and hold dear to our hearts. This could be things we hold on to because of who gave them to us or because of what they stand for.

Like the company TOMS. The entire business is based on giving. For every shoe that is purchased a new pair of shoes is given to a child in need. TOMS is doing something very special for the holidays. They are partnering with Target to create a variety of limited edition gifts. For every TOMS for Target gift purchased starting November 16th, Target is giving shoes, blankets and meals to those in need.

Do you have a special item that you’ve had for years? A quilt from your grandma? A custom made suit? A special piece of jewelry?

I have a piece of jewelry that is very special to me. You’ve seen it a lot in my outfit posts. I take it with me everywhere and I wear it whenever it matches the outfit. The gold bangle that are in the photographs above was given to me by my mom when I was very young.

My uncle is a jeweler and my mom asked him to make a special piece for me: a small bangle to fit my tiny wrist. I had many other pieces of jewelry but being a kid, I lost them or I broke them. This is one piece that I’ve kept and still use. Because it was custom made, it fits my wrist just right.

When a piece of jewelry or pair of shoes holds deeper meaning to you or to others it transforms from just material to something more.

Let me know in the comments what holds a special place in your heart!

Stay Stylish,

PS: I would love it if you joined me on my StylishTravels on Instagram! I’m in Italy and will be here until December!

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10 thoughts on “Items with Deeper Meaning

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    A ring my mother gave to me that was given to her by her mother and was given to her by her mother.

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    What a gorgeous outfit. I don’t know many people that are able to pull of that kind of green as well as you! And those boots are devine, so pretty 🙂

    Love, Rachel

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    This outfit is so gorgeous and I am so jealous you are in Italy right now! I’m basically going to live vicariously through your pictures. I adore that coat and the color and loved hearing about what is special to you. For me, I have a necklace my mother gave me when I received confirmation and I have not taken it off since. It’s so important to me and I couldn’t imagine not wearing it. I hope you have a fantastic time in Italy and I followed along on Instagram and Twitter for updates!!

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    Gorgeous style love!

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    Totally in love with your boots and your coat! They’re great pieces. I love the TOMS brand too, such a fantastic idea x

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    Love this outfit! I really love that olive coat and your gold accessories. I really like your story. I don’t have an especially sentimental piece, but yours is beautiful. I also love what TOMS is doing. I’m a big fan of giving back, and I can’t wait for their collaboration with Target!

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    I love your outfit!

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    I love the coat and the whole combination. Lucky you to have a jeweler for an uncle. I have mainly beaded necklaces and earrings from my aunties, unfortunately, i do not wear them but i keep them.