How to Put Together a Foolproof Cute Fall Outfit!

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cute casual fall outfits - Loving this cute fall outfit! The boots and the sweater are my favorite, great outfit inspiration for fall!

Fall Style

The fashion world, myself included, can’t seem to get enough of boots, scarves, cozy cardigans, hats, and of course cute fall outfits. There is something about the fall season that makes me want to jump with joy. There is nothing I love more than wearing a cozy sweater, ankle boots, and a casual pair of jeans. This combination is my perfect, cute fall outfit!

You might be wondering what you need in order to put together a cute fall outfit of your own. Continue reading and I’ll share with you how to dress for fall, your cute fall outfit formula, and some fall fashion tips.

How to Dress for Fall

You will be dressing differently at the start of the fall season as opposed to the middle and end of fall. The temperature slowly decreases, so as time passes you’ll slowly be wearing warmer sweaters, layering up, adding jackets, and pulling on some cozy scarves.

When the season transitions from summer to fall, you’ll want to wear light layers. While it is chillier in the morning, once the sun comes out it can warm up to the point that you are actually sweating. Layers allow you to adjust with varying daily temperatures, removing and adding as needed. As the weather gets chillier, just add more (or thicker) layers.

Your Cute Fall Outfit Formula

Everyone needs a go-to formula for a cute fall outfit. It takes the guesswork out of dressing when you are late for work or have a last-minute date. I start with the 3 basics: top half, bottom half, shoes.

Cozy Sweater

My go-to for the top half is a cozy sweater. It could be a chunky knit, cable knit, cotton or wool, but it’s usually a pullover. While I love turtlenecks because they are so warm, you can opt for a crew neck, V-neck, or boat neck.

I’m wearing a green, cable-knit turtleneck in this outfit example. I really like the slightly oversized fit of this, as well as the length. For fall, you want to have sweaters that sit right around the hip line or a bit longer, so they cover the waistband of your pants and keep the chill out. And while I wore the sweater alone, you can pair it with a camisole or T-shirt (long or short-sleeve) for an extra layer of warmth.

Comfortable Jeans

Denim jeans are a perfect fall staple and pair well with almost any sweater imaginable. Stick with a darker denim, or opt for a colored pair of jeans, which are popping up everywhere. Make sure they have a bit of stretch to them for comfort, and because the temperature is dropping, stick with a traditional mid-rise jean.

The jeans can be boot-cut, straight leg, skinny, or boyfriend. I have several pairs in a variety of styles, but I am partial to the ones in the photo example. Skinny, with a bit of stretch distressing, and long enough for heeled boots. Here I cuffed the hem to show off the cute ankle boots I have on, but they would work just as well with booties, knee-high, or over-the-knee boots (with pants tucked in, of course).

Perfect Pair of Boots

Fall is the perfect time for boots, from booties to ankle boots and knee-high boots to over-the-knee boots. Boots keep your feet warm, can weather the rain, and pair with pants, skirts, and dresses. Extra cold outside? Wear knee-high boots with tights and socks. Expecting the sun to warm up the afternoon? Slip on some cute booties and let those ankles show. NO matter the weather, there is a pair of boots that is perfect for your cute fall outfit.

I got these super cute pair of Clarks ankle boots from Zappos. Clarks has an awesome selection of ankle boots that are durable, comfy, and stylish!

Even though I love ankle boots if you only have the budget for one pair of boots, make them knee high. They can be flat, heeled or wedged, depending on your lifestyle and needs, but make sure they are a good quality waterproof leather.

If you can expand your shoe repertoire a bit more, add in some cute booties or ankle boots—all the rage this season. Zappos offers fast, free shipping, 365-day return policy, and world-class customer service. This is one of the main reasons I love shopping at Zappos. At times the shoe might not fit so with Zappos it’s super simple to return for another size or a different style of shoe.

There you go, 3 simple items that can become your go-to fall outfit. Once you have the basics down, start adding in items as you head into the colder months. Maybe a plaid scarf or a utility jacket? A wool pea coat and beanie? Let the weather dictate your layers, but keep it stylish!

Fall Outfit Fashion Tips

Colors: Basic neutrals always work in the fall, as do jewel tones. If you want to add some new colors to your wardrobe, Pantone released its 2016 Fall Color Trend palette here. It consists of 10 new colors, including a beautiful Riverside Blue, Dusty Cedar, and Potter’s Clay. Pantone’s seasonal color choices influence fashion designers around the world, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding new wardrobe additions for your fall outfits.

Materials: Fall calls for warmer clothes, hence different materials. For tops, stick with cotton or silk, as they both breathe and layer well. Sweaters made of good-quality cotton, wool, cashmere, or any blend of these will not only keep you warm and breathe, but they will stand the test of time. Pants should be made of a heavy cotton (including denim and corduroy) or wool, or a blend.

Texture: Fall is a good time to add texture to your wardrobe. The heavier fabrics that come into play allow for you to wear corduroy, brocade, tweed, even ribbed turtlenecks and cable knit sweaters. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your textures for a stylish fall outfit.

Layer, Layer, Layer: As I mentioned, layering is an important component to fall outfits. Starting with a T-shirt or blouse, adding a sweater, and topping it with a jacket or scarf, if necessary, allows you to adjust not only while outside but as you move to the indoors.

I hope that this has provided you with inspiration on how to put together your perfect cute fall outfit.

Stay Stylish,

P.S. The ankle boots I’m wearing are from Clarks

cute fall outfit - Loving this cute fall outfit! The boots and the sweater are my favorite, great outfit inspiration for fall!

fall outfit - Loving this cute fall outfit! The boots and the sweater are my favorite, great outfit inspiration for fall!

outfit ideas for fall - Loving this cute fall outfit! The boots and the sweater are my favorite, great outfit inspiration for fall!

cute fall outfits with jeans - Loving this cute fall outfit! The boots and the sweater are my favorite, great outfit inspiration for fall!

how to dress for fall - Loving this cute fall outfit! The boots and the sweater are my favorite, great outfit inspiration for fall!

how to wear boots with jeans fall - Loving this cute fall outfit! The boots and the sweater are my favorite, great outfit inspiration for fall!


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    Thanks for posting your suggestions. I have one of these sweaters too, which I am planning to wear a lot this year.

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    Shoes and Sweater look cool! Thanks for these style tips for the fall season.

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    Rose Ann Selvana

    what an awesome pair! As I have read in The Beauty Insiders, miniskirts are in this fall! thanks! I was looking for a complete get up and I have stumbled upon this

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    Hi there, I love your great style tips and would really like to know what store you picked up your blue distressed denim jeans in the above photos please? Many thanks, Helen

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    I am so excited that I found this page. I recently retired and have never really had a casual wardrobe. In fact, I only owned one pair of jeans. I went shopping for jeans and casual boots this week. Putting my new wardrobe together is going to be so much fun.

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    Great fall styling tips! I love your boots. I just ordered a very similar pair and can’t wait for them to arrive.

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