A Summer Cropped Jacket

fashion blogger stylishlyme - Green black summer outfit

Fashion Blogger Stylishlyme - California

Fashion Blogger Stylishlyme - Black and Green Outfit

Fashion blogger Stylishlyme - embellished top

Fashion blogger Stylishlyme - summer outfit

Fashion bloggerStylishlyme - Summer Wide Black Shorts

Fashion blogger Stylishlyme - Summer Sandals

fashion blogger Stylishlyme - green cropped jacket

Fashion Blogger Stylishyme - Black Summer Outfit

Fashion Blogger Stylishlyme - Boyfriend Peter Lang

Wearing a Cropped Jacket for Summer

This summer, to shield myself from the sun or wear on chilly summer nights I plan to wear a cropped jacket over many of my ensembles.

There are so many colors and silhouettes available this year that you’ll be able to find a cropped jacket that can be worn over a dainty floral sundresses or a pair of bright colored denim.

I’m wearing a green-cropped jacket that cinches at the waist. Since I’m wearing a loose embellished top and wide shorts I needed to define my waist to avoid looking so boxy and this jacket achieved just that.

Pictured in the last photo is a person that is very essential to this blog! My photographer and boyfriend! He takes all of the fabulous photos you see in this blog every week! You might see him featured in my blog a little more.

I would love to know if you are going to wear a cropped jacket this summer. Share with me in the comments.

Stay Stylish,

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