5 Quick & Easy Tips for a Perfect Spring Outfit

Stylishlyme - Fuschia Skirt and Stripes

Stylishlyme - Spring Outfit

Stylishlyme - Metallic Clutch Spring

Stylishlyme - Gray Skakeskin Heels

Stylishlyme - Fushcia Blue Spring Outfit

Stylishlyme - Gorgeous A-line Skirt

Stylishlyme - Long Wavy Hair

Stylishlyme - Navy White Striped Top

Stylishlyme - Nike Compression Shorts Under Skirt

Metallic Mini Baguette gifted by Jess Rizzuti | Fuchsia Knitted Skirt Ted Baker London | Stripe Silk Tunic gifted by Michael Stars | Snakeskin Heels by BCBG

It’s mid-April and this means – either you have your entire wardrobe ready for the warm months ahead or you still need to put away your coats and fall boots. Don’t worry, I’m on the latter end too. If you don’t have the time or resources to ‘spring’ for a new spring wardrobe, don’t fret, because here are five simple tips that will help you make the perfect spring outfit. You might have some of these items in your closet already. But if not, all you need to do is invest in one staple piece. Like I did with this fuchsia skirt.

1. Add Stripes

Nothing reminds me more that spring has sprung than stripes. It’s the classic spring look, and this season it’s especially popular. You can wear stripes in a variety of ways and they’re available in an endless amount of colors, fabrics, and garments. If you have a striped top in your closet consider wearing it with shorts, a skirt, under a blazer or to the beach. You can pretty much play with the options and see what works and looks best on you. One sure thing to avoid is wearing a top and bottom that have stripes in the same direction, unless it’s a jumper. This is because the stripes should line up, and most likely, if you’re wearing separate pieces they won’t.

2. Wear Brights

If you want to instantly add some spring spirit into your outfits, wear brights. Bright shoes, accessories, tops or bottoms. I particularly love bright pants, skirts, and shorts. Having bright bottoms brings such a fun spin to an outfit and really perks up your day.

3. Wear Open Toed Sandals

The weather is finally warm enough to let your toes see the light. Make an appointment to get a pedicure because you’re going to want to wear open toed shoes, like now!

4. Get a Bright Manicure

I know barely-there French manicures were all over the runway but I’ve always had a thing for bright nail polishes. When I get a manicure, I want my nails to stand out and for everyone to notice them, it’s spring after all. If you don’t want very bright hues, try pastels, like pale blue and dusty pink.

5. Let Your Hair Down

Give your hair a tousled effect, a loose and natural wave. It’s the ultimate spring “cool-girl” look, giving the impression: “I spend no time on my hair, I just wake up this way.”

Bonus – Nike Shorts

I’m guilty of not always having the proper under garments. You know, spanx. So what I usually do is wear my Nike compression shorts. They’re comfortable, tight enough and there is no underwear line.

You can try this tips individually or all together, like I did. I would love to know what you’re doing to get your outfits spring ready! Let me know in the comments!

Stay Stylish,

Photos @peterlang


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29 thoughts on “5 Quick & Easy Tips for a Perfect Spring Outfit

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    You look really amazing. Love the color of your skirt! <3

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    I love this!

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    I really love your outfit !

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    Great tips! I use all of them as well when spring comes around, never worn nike shorts thou!


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    very nice style ! I love the dress , purple is one of my favourite colors!

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    Great outfit!

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    really awesome!! like it! <3

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    Haha, the Nike shorts is a good tip! Especially useful when wearing skirts/dresses in windy areas!


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    You look amazing and that skirt is so nice. Perfect color. Have a great weekend.


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    Cute outfit! Happy Spring 🙂


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    Never though of using my shorts that way great tip. You look darling, I love that purple skirt.


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    Love the outfit, the combo of stripes + bright purple is so pretty!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

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    janika R

    Thanks for the great advice dear.

    xo janika

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    Tanya Dempsey

    Love the stripes with the pop of color skirt!

    T xx

    November Grey

    Check out my jewelry giveaway here!

    … and see my video tutorial on graphic stripes here!

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    Personally, I think SPANX do strange things to a woman’s shape. They create a square look that, to me, is as unappealing as lumps and bumps. I like a smooth line, but I have no wish to be shaped into anything other than my own ( hard earned) hour glass.
    I’ve cut the legs off of regular tights ( not control) to wear under more clinging dresses.
    I think the Nike shorts is a genius idea.

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      Yay, glad to hear you thought this was a great idea! Big plus is that they are much more comfortable than spanx too!

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    love the skirt, this look is amazing!


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    Gorgeous outfit and your tips are really great for spring! Not that you need shapeware… 😉

    Lady of Style

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    love that purple!!

    xo Andrea

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    LOVE the skirt.


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    This is a beautiful outfit, purple is the color of this season!! I agree with the ideas, bright manicure, hair down, strips, etc. kisses


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    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who considers wearing shorts under my skirts. It worked like a charm when I was 7 years old, and I think would still work today…especially on those windy days!

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      I usually always try to wear shorts under my skirts especially if the skirts short or on a windy day.

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    beautiful skirt!
    kw Ladies in Navy

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    Laura S

    I adore that skirt! Perfect pop of color for navy stripes! Thank you for visiting my blog!

    xo Laura


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      Thank you and you’re welcome!

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    Nice tips !
    Lovely outfit ! Beautiful skirt !


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    Nice tips will have them in mind when spring gets to my country 😉

    <3 Val