Your 4 Step Formula to Look Effortlessly Stylish at the Beach

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Stylish Summer Beach Outfit

It’s summer and chances are you’re headed to the beach. This means it’s time to think about beach outfits.

Last weekend Peter and I drove to Southern California and stayed for the weekend. This meant planning my weekend outfits in advance!

You either love or hate packing – there’s no in-between here. I’m always on the hate it side because I wait until the last minute to pack. Therefore, I do what I think lots of girls do and take as many things as possible. No time to coordinate and plan outfits, just take it all. Does this sound like you? Please tell me I’m not the only one here.

Once we arrived, it was time to put an outfit together for the beach. I thought I was in trouble – Peter was giving me time limits to get ready and our precious beach time was ticking away. I spread out all the clothes I had brought on the hotel bed with accessories on the side of each outfit and sandals at the foot of the bed. I thought, “I sure brought a lot of crap, do any of these items even go together.” As my hair air dried, I started to question my packing skills.

It wasn’t until I changed outfits, four times, that I saw the formula! I discovered the 4 step formula to look effortlessly cool at the beach. Let me clarify for a second. I don’t mean sun frolicking, skin baring, volleyball playing, or serious tan lines outfit. I mean the outfit you wear when you want to look just as stylish enjoying the sand underneath your feet as you do sipping your favorite cocktail at a southern California beach bar. Picture the south of France rather than Rio.

Whenever you don’t know what to wear to look stylish at the beach remember this 4 step formula:

  1. Cute shorts
  2. Striped shirt
  3. Embellished and/or bright sandals
  4. Chic hat

Use this formula and infuse your personal style into it. I went with this classic outfit because that’s my style preference. For example, you can go boho and wear an oversized hat with a striped crop top, patterned shorts and bright woven sandals.

Next time you’re in a time crunch or simply don’t know what to wear to the beach remember this easy 4 step beach outfit formula! To make it super easy for you to remember, I’ve created a cheat-sheet for you. Download the pdf here or by clicking on the bar below.

Now I want to hear from you! Write a comment below with your go-to beach outfit or if you use this formula.

Stay Stylish,

P.S. Did you see my CrossFit post from this weekend? If you’ve never given the exercise a chance I would suggest reading the 5 things I learned from my first experience.

Click to Download the 4 Step Formula to Look Effortlessly Stylish at the Beach PDF

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What to wear with Crochet Shorts -

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Panama Hat Beach Outfit -

Nautical Stripes with feminine Crochet Shortrs -

Bright Emeblished Summer Sandals -

Summer Stripes, Hat and Shorts Beach Outfit -

Create the Look:

  • Crochet Shorts from 6 Shore Road {Similar}
  • Striped Shirt from Joules {similar, similar}
  • Embellished Sandals from Naughty Monkey
  • Panama Hat is Peters

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