How to Wear Boots with Jeans in the Fall

How To Wear Boots With Jeans

How to Wear Boots with Jeans

When you think about Fall what comes to mind besides colored leaves and the start of the holiday season? Boots? How about boots and jeans!

Boots and jeans are a very popular and very stylish combination in the fall and winter time. I’ve shared with you tons of ways to wear boots before on my blog, check out 20 stylish ways to wear boots.

Today I want to discuss how to wear boots and jeans specifically.

If you’re wondering how to wear boots with jeans here are the main points you need to keep in mind when putting together a stylish outfit.

Always wear skinny jeans if you’re going to tuck your jeans into your boots. Why?

Because if you don’t wear skinny jeans with your boots you’ll be uncomfortable. If you wear anything else besides skinny jeans with your boots you’ll have your jeans bunching up inside your boots and that is not comfortable or stylish.

The second reason you wear skinny jeans with boots is because if you wear looser jeans with tall boots it’ll look sloppy. Having your jeans bunch up above your boots because they are too loose is not cute. Your boots and jeans should look sleek and nonslouchy.

Color coordinate your boots and your jeans. Make sure the color of your boots and jeans match. In this outfit, I’m wearing black boots with charcoal jeans. Overall I’m going for a black and gray look, but I could have worn dark blue jeans as well.

Other great color combinations are light brown and light blue, taupe and black, light brown and white, black and black, black and gray, black and dark blue and so on.

The Stylish Duo – Boots and Jeans

Since the boots I’m wearing in this post are slightly more dressy with the stacked heel and gold detailing I opted to create a dressed up outfit.

I paired these super awesome boots with charcoal skinny jeans, gray sweater, gray plaid scarf and my favorite tuxedo blazer/cape. I kept accessories to a minimum with purple glass studs and a black handbag.

If you were wondering how to wear boots with jeans, I hope this post pointed out a few things to remember next time you’re putting together a stylish fall outfit.

Stay Stylish,

Zac Posen Black Satchel

Stylish Fall Outfit

How To Wear Boots

Black Boots with Gold Detailing

Gold Fall Leaf - Vanessa of Stylishlyme

White and Gray Plaid Scarf

Stylish Black and Gray Outfit

Black and Gold Leather Boots


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