Stadium Stairs Workout and StylishlyFit Week #2
Stadium Stairs Workout + StylishlyFit Week 2
Monday and Wednesday's CrossFit workouts were hard! I was soooooo tired after those WODs, and my Polar Fitness Tracker labeled the training load as EXTREME! After the Monday workout, it noted that I should have 3 days of rest, after my Wednesday workout, it pointed ... VIEW THE POST
outdoor exercise in the meritage napa -
Where You Can Run through the Vineyards – The Meritage Napa
Being able to sneak in some exercise while on vacation can be a struggle. Especially if you’re vacationing in wine country. Taking some time to stretch your limbs and get your blood pumping can seem like a difficult thing to fit in but in The ... VIEW THE POST
Women who do CrossFit - 10 Things I Learned From My First Month of CrossFit - A Woman's POV
10 Things I Learned From My First Month of CrossFit – A Woman’s POV
I never really pictured myself lifting weights, working on my handstand or let alone doing an exercise move called “snatch.” I’ve always been health conscious; my secret has always been portion control. I’ve had gym memberships, completed home workouts and have been overall aware of ... VIEW THE POST
funny and cute workout tank tops
25 Funny & Cute Workout Tank Tops You’ll Love
You can never have enough workout tank tops and when you’re working out more than 5 times a week, the more the better! Peter and I have been jumped on the CrossFit workout craze and now we’re hooked! It’s awesome, I love it, I’m getting ... VIEW THE POST
Starting CrossFit - Stylish Women Can Be Strong
Starting CrossFit – Stylish Women Can Be Strong
At first I was a little intimidated. Every time we would head to class my stomach started to hurt. I was nervous about working out! It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Lifting heavy weights, learning techniques and being around intense trainers dropping heavy weights hadn’t ... VIEW THE POST
5 Steps to Make Sure You Workout on Stylishlyme
5 Steps to Make Sure You Workout
Today I want to talk with you about looking incredible and feeling great. Have you ever wanted to lose weight, tone muscle, and get the energy to do all the things you love? By the way, if you’re curious why I’m talking about fitness, read ... VIEW THE POST