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The Meritage Napa – Blending the Gorgeous Outdoors & Exercise

Being able to sneak in some exercise while on vacation can be a struggle. Especially if you’re vacationing in wine country. Taking some time to stretch your limbs and get your blood pumping can seem like a difficult thing to fit in but at The Meritage Napa it was pretty easy.

Peter and I had the pleasure of callling The Meritage Napa our home while on our blissful visit to Napa Valley California. This resort has a plethora of amenities, from a tasting room, spa, restaurants, lounge and even a little chapel if tying the knot is on your list!

But one of the things that I loved most about the Meritage was its gorgeous vineyards on the picturesque rolling hills of Napa. And the vineyard was open to guests to enjoy! You can run or walk to your heart’s delight.

With over nine acres of hillside vineyards, you’re sure to get a workout.

We woke up early one morning to experience it for ourselves, and it was gorgeous. The trail takes you along the vineyards where you can enjoy views of the valley. This path also takes you to the famous Grape Crusher Statue, which is on Vista Point near Napa Valley Corporate Drive. A little fun fact, the Grape Crusher Statue was created Gino Miles in 1986 dedicated to the vineyard workers of the valley.

It’s great to get a workout in while traveling but working out while enjoying the breathtaking views is the perfect combination.

When traveling to any destination look for hotels and resorts that offer outdoor activities. Don’t think you just have to workout in the fitness studio. If an outdoor option is available, take it! You’ll get the best of both worlds, and you’ll enjoy the time you spent working out!

Oh and, of course, the Meritage Resort had a relaxing pool so we spent some time there too!

Stay StylishlyFit!

Time for exercise while traveling in Napa Valley

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Exercising in Napa Valley - Where You Can Run through the Vineyards - The Meritage Napa

Making time to exercise while traveling - Napa Valley, California

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