What is Coachella & Why You Must Go at Least Once in Your Life!
It’s funny that when we told friends and family that we were going to Coachella most of them responded with, “What is Coachella?” I was surprised by the number of people that didn’t know what we were talking about...which led me to write this blog ... VIEW THE POST
Stylish and Comfortable Festival Clothing - Visit Stylishlyme.com to read more about what to wear to music festivals like Coachella
Stylish and Comfortable Festival Clothing
There are a variety festival clothing styles you could wear to a music festival like Coachella. There is boho, gypsy, rocker, punk, electric and so on. What you wear really depends on your personal style and what you’re comfortable wearing. VIEW THE POST
What’s Your Coachella Style - Visit Stylishlyme.com to read more about what to wear to Coachella and different Coachella styles
What’s Your Coachella Style?
What’s the second most important thing when it comes to Coachella? Your Coachella style of course! Besides the bands, everyone wants to know what you’re wearing. Style is critical at Coachella and other music festivals. VIEW THE POST
What to Wear to Music Festival - Coachella
What to Wear to a Music Festival – 11 Essential Coachella Style Tips
If you've been searching what to wear to a music festival and only found articles that touch on not being too trendy and that a swimsuit doesn’t make an outfit I know you’ll find this blog post useful! VIEW THE POST
coachella fashion - Visit Stylishlyme.com so view more Coachella Outfit Ideas
Coachella Fashion – A Boho Chic Outfit For Your Inspiration
Coachella fashion is synonymous with boho, free-spirited clothing that gives young and old the opportunity to play dress up for three days. If you want to know what Coachella fashion is, all you have to do is Google it. When you begin to scroll through ... VIEW THE POST