A Dessert & Travel Lover’s Dream

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Picture Perfect Venice

The moment we walked off the train and into the city of Venice it was like we stepped into a fantasy world. Everything that you’d expect from Venice you received. Walking down the steps of the train station and finding a picture perfect setting for a romantic escape. We couldn’t have asked for more.

We decided to walk to our hotel but we realized that was not such a bright idea after crossing the 10th bridge so we took the Vaporetto, which is Venice’s water bus. We checked in to the hotel dropped our luggage and immediately went out to explore the city.

As we started walking turning right and left admiring every building, window and door. I kept noticing children with character balloons. As walked closer to the grand canal we kept seeing more and more balloons then we came upon a street that was filled with hundreds of people. We had stumbled upon a Venice street fair!

Venice Italy, Street Food Fair

Food, food, and more food. Candied nuts, cannolis, donuts, huge sugary fried pastries covered in chocolate. Never had I seen so many desserts in a street fair. Um, I’ll have one of everything! I am a sweets lover.

But as you can see in the photos I did have something savory, a grilled corn.

We felt so incredibly lucky to be able to experience such fun event. The funnest thing about it all was seeing the local families. There were more Italians than tourists which really made it the perfect place to people watch.

I tried researching how often this takes place but didn’t find much information. We were there at the end of November and this particular day was November 24th.

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Venice Italy Sweets at a Carnival - Stylishlyme.com

Venice Italy Dessert - Stylishlyme.com

Venice Italy Street Fair Dessert - Stylishlyme.com

Venice Italy Street Carnial Desserts - Stylishlyme.com

Italy Street Carnival Cannolis - Stylishlyme.com

Italy cannoli - Stylishlyme.com

Venice Italy Fair Food - Stylishlyme.com

Venice Sweets - Stylishlyme.com

Italy Street Carnival Authentic Food - Stylishlyme.com


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