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Meet Stylishlyme’s Founder Vanessa Rodriguez Lang

Get to know Vanessa and you’ll understand why Stylishlyme™ is the organization women around the world depend on to help them feel empowered by fashion and style.

Stylishlyme’s Beginnings

Vanessa Rodriguez: Entrepreneur, Fashionista, Consultant

When you’re 18 living in a small town, and you get the opportunity to leave – your life changes in a profound way.

People often wonder how I went from being a first-generation American citizen living in a small town to founding and becoming CEO of Stylishlyme™.

How a young kid from Firebaugh, California was the first in her family to move away from all she knew to follow her dream of exploring the world.

(You can imagine my parents’ worry and excitement for me)

Or how that same girl later walked down the aisle at my business school graduation – the first of my family to graduate from college – would go on to found and grow a digital marketing agency doubling its business year over year while managing, creating, and producing Stylishlyme™.

Well, I’m not your average woman, and Stylishlyme isn’t your average blog.

Today, Stylishlyme helps women all over the world live a more stylish life, and our agency has served hundreds of business owners to build sustainable businesses to support their families and live their dreams.

It’s been amazing to see how this blog has grown over these past three years. And I’m so proud of my team and thankful to all those who have made it possible.

Stylishlyme’s evolution has been my life’s evolution.

The heart and history of Stylishlyme are intertwined with my own. It’s the culmination of the three core aspects of who I am: entrepreneur, fashionista, and consultant.

And leaving the small town and seeing the world was the turning point.

At a point in my life where I was struggling to figure out “what’s next?” it finally brought those three aspects of my life together and made my path clear.

Trust me, a new perspective made it much more visible.

Leaving all that I had known forced me to figure out what I wanted in life.

Stylishlyme Skydiving in CollegeFirst and foremost, I’m an entrepreneur

Being a self-starter, determined, and not afraid of hard work are the reasons why I was able to start a digital agency and my blog.

I worked a lot growing up. I spent holidays and weekends working at the local pharmacy. Working as much as I did enable me to do what all young girls love to do, shop. By far my favorite, and arguably only activity, were road trips to various outlets and malls.

While getting my bachelors in International business with a minor in Economics and event planning I had little to no style in my life. Focusing on academics meant I didn’t have a way to express my love for fashion and style, besides shopping.

Second, I’m a Fashionista.

In the summer of 2009, while Peter and I traveled around France, Peter said I should have an outlet for my fashion obsession. Put my desire and love for style and fashion in a blog so I could have a place to express myself. We thought about it, brainstormed names and came up with the name Stylishlyme.

Style, fashion and the desire to travel are lifelong passions and pursuits of mine. It’s one of the reasons Stylishlyme focuses on helping women enhance their lives by helping them live a more stylish life and achieve their dreams.

While blogging about my outfits and sharing my personal style I began consulting on all things style and fashion on my blog.

My first style tip was.

I’ll never forget my aha moment – during a long road trip – I realized “this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.”

In that single moment working on style advice, I discovered that helping someone overcome a problem they were facing, achieving a confident state-of-mind, and improving their life was the most rewarding and personally fulfilling work I could do with my life.

fashion-presentation-viewThird I’m a consultant.

While running a business and blogging, I became excellent at one thing: ensuring my readers and clients got AMAZING value and results while reaching their goals.

Within three years, I evolved from a new kid on the fashion block to presenting to a crowd of 300 women about fashion and style confidence.

Through Stylishlyme, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women during this period and became known for valuable and quality content. My agency has served over 200 clients and became recognized for both outstanding service and delivering results-based digital marketing to our clients.

I learned A LOT about business over these four years in the digital agency and three years on the blog. In Fashion: From colors, patterns, cut, shapes, silhouette, fabrics, history, to the fashion business. In business: From sales to marketing, copywriting, photography, to management, finance, to social media. Peter and I devoured every book, online course, newsletter, workshop, and more we could find.

I kept learning, and learning, and learning.
Park Guell - Barcelona, Spain

But something was missing.

I wasn’t feeling challenged anymore.

I knew how to build a blog, and doing the same thing over and over wasn’t very exciting to me. I need a new challenge.

That’s when I had my aha moment.

During a visit home to see my family for the holidays, my grandma noticed how tall I was standing and how confident I looked.

Needless to say, my blog has changed my life in an obvious way.

I was fortunate enough to learn what makes a successful business and took time to focus on learning how fashion and style dramatically empowers women.

I’ve continued to focus on growing Stylishlyme, both in the USA and Internationally. It’s allowed me to touch and help more people than I ever dreamed possible in such a short period.

And one thing has remained constant over the years: ensuring that our readers and clients get AMAZING value and results and reach their goals.

How much time you put in for yourself — and enjoy life — is just as important as how hard you work.

The lines between “work” and “play” are blurry for me. I play as hard as I work. I combine them both and enjoy learning and having fun wherever I go.

So I travel, have fun making outfits, exercise, and talk with my wonderful readers.

But most of all, I love helping women grow in achieving their personal goals and living a stylish life.

May Stylishlyme be the resource and style partner for your life.

To your stylish success,

Vanessa Rodriguez Lang – President and CEO of Stylishlyme