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A Stylish Watch for a Stylish Gent
Today, let’s turn the lens on the other half of this blog, the half that makes this blog possible - Peter. It is this stylish gent who ensures you don’t see bad iPhone photos and ramblings of unnecessary happenings. VIEW THE POST
Sequined Dress with Leather Jacket - Stylishlyme
2013 Year in Review – Looks
2013 was pretty good in real life, but here on Stylishlyme it was simply amazing. To properly celebrate 2013, I’ve put together the looks and photos that you, my readers, cross-posted, pinned, and shared with all your sheer awesomeness. VIEW THE POST
Stylishlyme - Quilted Chanel Necklace
2013 Year in Review – Outfit Details
It wasn't until recently that Peter and I started to focus on taking photos with the specific intent on the, sometimes overlooked details of my outfits. We had taken a few throughout the year but it wasn't until this past summer in Barcelona when we ... VIEW THE POST