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You Can Be Stylish ebookLearn How to Put Together Stylish Outfits and Make the Most of the Clothes You Own!

Save time, save money, and feel beautiful every day with You Can Be Stylish digital guide -- a fashion and style resource for millions of women. Learn what clothes looks best on you and how to mix and match separates like a pro.

Save ∂time, save money, and feel beautiful every day with the brand new You Can Be Stylish digital guide by Vanessa Rodriguez, creator of Stylishlyme--a fashion and style resource for millions of women.

“I loooooove the guide! Especially the different ways to wear section. Thank you SOOOOOO much for the guide! It is great for travelling and for fashion in general.”
– Lene Berge

What’s in The Style Guide?

You Can Be Stylish Ebook Table of Contents

You Can Be Stylish Ebook Table of Contents 2


Finding Your Personal Style

If you want to express yourself with your clothing and accessories but you feel like you have no style, or are a chameleon and don’t have a signature style that is truly you, then this is where your style journey beings.

Color Time

Color is extremely important. The wrong color can make you look pale and even sickly. But when done right, color can change your mood and exude everything from confidence to sensuality.



Wearing Patterns and Prints

So what is a pattern and what is a print? How do you know what prints or patterns look good on you or with each other? How about animal print?

Must-Have Essentials

If you can only invest in a few items for your wardrobe, these would be the ones. These must-have essentials are investment pieces that you’ll wear over and over again. These are the items you’ll spend a shiny penny on because you will want to wear them for the next 5, 10, 15 years!



The Right Clothes For Your Body Type

This is a difficult topic for many people. How do I know what to wear for my body type? What do I avoid and how do I know how something is supposed to fit? Whether you’re tall, short, curvy, or have a boyish figure, we all struggle with the same problem: finding clothes that we love and fit us well.


Once you know your perfect shapes, colors, and fits, then you can update your outfits with accessories. This section covers everything from sunglasses to wearing the right necklace for a neckline.



How To Put Outfits Together

With all of the decisions we have to make in a day, wondering if we look our best shouldn’t be one of them. This super simple, how to look stylish every day 5-step checklist will have you looking and feeling fantastic every single time you step out your front door.

How To Clean Your Closet and Evaluate What to Keep



Packing For A Trip

Traveling in style doesn’t have to be complicated or hard or a burden. Having a stylish travel outfit is something that you need to plan for before even getting on the plane, train, car, or bus, so you don’t have to worry about it once you’re there.

Style Guide

shoe essentials guide

How to be stylish

How to dress stylish guide


Some may think that personal style is insignificant in relation to other things going on in their life. They fail to see what their wardrobe could be: a reflection of ourselves, a confidence booster, a life asset. What we wear has an immense impact on our self-esteem and life.

This ebook is about so much more than just “being stylish.” It’s about living a powerful, confident life!

Whether you’re in your mid-thirties or into your fifties, I know you’ll find this style guide useful!

Feeling stylish is not only reserved for the young, wealthy, or skinny. Everyone can be stylish and you can live a stylish life. I’ll show you how!

A few years ago I started writing a personal style blog—called Stylishlyme—as a hobby on evenings and weekends.

As a fashion amateur and a student of style, I had a lot to learn. I was putting together outfits that I thought looked nice, but I had no knowledge of the art behind style.

As time went on, I started to get more comfortable. I also bought, and was given as gifts, every book I could find on personal style, the history of fashion, fabrics, trends, shopping, etc., and even spent the last four years at the largest fashion tradeshow, MAGIC, honing my eye and structuring what it is to be “stylish” as a science rather than simply an art.

As my outfits continued to get better, and as I shared more about what made an outfit stylish, I saw a huge increase in my blog readership. I learned that a lot of women are looking for more than just inspirational photos; they want style tips and advice they can apply to their own outfits.

To dive deeper into understanding what women are looking for when it comes to personal style, I got on the phone and talked to a lot of my readers! YES, I picked up the phone and talked to my awesome community! I learned so much! I learned their biggest frustrations and why they read my blog. I learned what questions they wanted answered and what was important to them when it comes to outfits.

With all of this knowledge I began to work away creating a style resource. A style guide that covered the main concerns of women just like you!

“You did a great job on this eBook! It’s easy to read, fun, colorful and can be searched on a specific element for a quick reference. Really great!! I’m excited to start feeling more stylish!”
– Colleen McFerrin

Who Is This Guide For?


Women Who Have Clothes But Nothing to Wear

Women Who Struggle With Putting Together Outfits



Women Who are Sick of Just Wearing T-Shirts & Jeans!

Women Who Want to Feel Confident & Beautiful in Their Clothes



Women Who Want to Maximize Their Existing Wardrobe

Women Who Want Every Outfit to Look Effortlessly Stylish



Women Who Want to Make a Positive Style Change!!

This Style guide shares advice, tips, examples, and lists to help you develop your personal style so you can live a stylish life.

Vanessa Rodriguez of Stylishlyme

Thank you!

My personal goal is to make a positive impact on your personal style — and your life. You deserve to look your best to BE your best. If you have questions about this ebook — or about anything! — please contact me at