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When you’re traveling what is the first thing you look for? Besides your hotel. Food!

The excitement from the new environment can only keep you full for so long before your stomach starts to grumble. If you’re anything like me, you already have breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and cocktails already scheduled for everyday of your trip. Ok, maybe I don’t plan that extensively, but I do make a list of all the restaurants I would like to go to and then work them in throughout our stay.

Palo Alto has no shortage of tasty restaurants. Tons of options are available in downtown Palo Alto especially on University Avenue. One of the best things about The Garden Court Hotel, where we stayed, was its location. Right in the center of it all, everything was just around the corner.

These are the restaurants I recommend. We visited each and had a wonderful experience during our visit.

LYFE Kitchen – This delicious and healthy fast food restaurant isn’t your average fast food place. Everything on the menu is freshly made, under 600 calories and sounded delicious. It was a special find. There will be a more in depth post about LYFE Kitchen later this week. Yes, it was that good.

La Boulange Cafe and Bakery – The first place we ate at when we arrived in Palo Alto was a wonderful introduction to the region. Its outdoor seating caught my eye but it was the menu that drew us in. You would love it. A little secret about Peter and Me: we can never say no to a french inspired restaurant. I got a huge chicken salad with baked goat cheese that was absolutely delicious. Another plus, they sell macaroons!

CREAM – CREAM stands for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me” and this is no exaggeration. Cookies rule in this little place in downtown Palo Alto. Throughout our long weekend stay in Palo Alto there was always a long line at CREAM. The line overflowed out of the door and went down the sidewalk. Delectable ice cream sandwiches is their specialty. As you can see, I tried three of their most popular variations. My favorite: snickerdoodle and caramel combination. There something you might not know about me and that is; my favorite type of cookie is snickerdoodle.

Il Fornaio – This Italian restaurant is located street level underneath the Garden Court Hotel. Since the outdoors seating is in the courtyard of the hotel you’re able to hear the hustle and bustle of the night rush from your room patio. Very convenient. Plenty of pasta dishes to choose from. I got the angel hair pasta with tomatoes and basil and a white wine with the same name as the restaurant.

Coupa Cafe – I researched this place before we arrived. Peter and I love coffee, we have a fresh cup or shot of espresso every morning. We enjoy trying different coffees from around the world so I was delighted when I found out that we could have Venezuelan coffee during our lovely visit to Palo Alto. Peter got something stronger and I got something lighter – both were perfect!

Crepevine – You know when you’re walking around in the morning in a different town trying to figure out where to eat breakfast but you don’t want to settle for Starbucks. This was us. When we travel we make sure to eat at places that are not available to us at home. We stumbled upon this place because there was a line out the door. It was brunch time and we were hungry so we gave it a try. The portions were huge, the service was friendly and the food was good.

Slider Bar – It was late at night and we’re fans of craft beers so we gave it a go. We also had to have some sliders, of course being at a slider bar how could we not! We ordered four different types of sliders and two different types of beers. Surprisingly, my favorite was the meatball slider!

Chantal Guillon – This stop needs to explanation. Who doesn’t love a good macaron? This chic little shop is right next to CREAM. Two delectable delights right next to each other. There really isn’t a macaron I don’t like. I bought my favorites and I gave their seasonal macaron a try. Orange Blossom, Delicious!

If you’re in Palo Alto for a single day, I would recommend LYFE for lunch and Il Fornaio for dinner. If you have a chance you have to stop by CREAM to get a delish ice cream sandwich.

Hope these photos made your mouth water =).

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang

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    I loved this article! We live in Palo Alto and have tried almost every thing on your list except for a few that I now want to try! We also LOVE LOVE Cream!

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    Backstage by M

    This is making me hungry ! The cup of coffee is so cute !


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    Very nice post! Thank you for sharing.Love all the photos of food and you look amazing!

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      Thank you Andrea!

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    OMG!!! Everything looks so good! Nice pictures! 😉

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      =) thank you Barabra!

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    Nice roundup! Should I ever travel to Palo Alto I will def be referencing this for where to get some good food!

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      Great! Hope when you visit you love them!

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    Thanks for sharing those great restaurants! I’d love to try out all of them after reading your post. The photos are looking good too – and you’re looking beautiful 🙂 The food photos did made me hungry, haha!