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The last place I had the pleasure of traveling to was Barcelona. This magical place captured my heart. It’s culture, architecture, weather and not to mention the food had me mesmerized. This Spanish seaside city provokes a relaxing way of life with its beaches, mountains, and lush local markets. Since this destination wasn’t originally on our “must-see” list we were unprepared for the profound sensation of “home.”

That brings me to today’s post. I love traveling and I will be doing more of it this year and the years to come. Every new country, city and new way of life we visit inspires us to create beautiful photos, try authentic cuisine and also do the “touristy” things too. It’s time that we share more of these experiences with you.

For every new place we visit we will create a portrait of that destination through our Stylishlyme travel page. Today is Barcelona. The idea is to put together all the posts from our visit with our recommended discoveries, sensational food, must-see regional icons and easy to find travel tips.

A travel resource that is stylish.

I would love your feedback. Take a look and let me know if I should add more details or take something away. What’s something that you would like to know or see to help you get the most from your stylish travels?

We look forward to sharing our travel adventures with you!

Stay Stylish,

PS. Where do you suggest we should go next?


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6 thoughts on “Stylishlyme in Barcelona

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    I love Barcelona!
    xx Stephanie (

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    Beautiful Barcelona! 🙂


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    Ah, Barcelona! One of the most beautiful (for me the most beautiful) cities in the world!

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    Oh myyy, I love seeing these pictures! I visited the city of Barcelona last summer for the very first time and I instantly fell in love. I could totally imagine myself living there! Your pictures make me want to go back! And I would love to have one of those fruit drinks at La Boquiera right now!



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    Alexandra Aimee

    This is just gorgeous! Barcelona is the European destination that always seems to be on me “to-visit” list, but almost always gets passed over. This definitely makes me feel like I need to make it top priority next time I’m in Europe though! The stained glass, the hand tooled leather, the lively beach… I need it in my life!

    — Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty