Pacific Coast Highway – Spectacular Coastline

Big Sur California- unforgettable views

Highway 1 Beach Town

Pacific Coastal Highway View

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Trees in Fog Pacific Coastal Highway

Pacific Coastal Highway Road

Highway 1 View

Cloudy Mountain Big Sur

Highway 1 Ocean view

Bixby Bridge

Highway 1 Bixby Bridge

Forest and Beach Big Sur

Big Sur Beach

Elephant Seals Highway 1

Pacific Coastal Highway Drive

San Francisco to Big Sur

Our journey began in San Francisco, Pacific Coastal Highway Drive Begins – San Francisco. This leisurely drive turned adventurous after passing the coastal cities of Santa Cruz, Monterey and Carmel. Every part of this exhilarating drive offered interesting sites; from a 1,000-foot climb into the coastal redwood forest to the narrow shoulders and sharp drop-offs of the gripping mountainside roads. This portion of our journey took us about 5 hours with frequent stops to admire the vistas and to photograph the beauty that is the Pacific. This area is designated as an all American road and is among the United States most scenic drives.

Big Sur California

About 120 miles south of San Francisco this dramatic yet enchanting stretch of beauty is certainly one of the most romantic and relaxing destinations in California. Though there are a few pits stops there are no true towns. Big Sur is predominately known as a 90-mile stretch of coastline.

Please enjoy these scenic photos that we took to share with you. Come back tomorrow to view the next post in this Pacific Coast Highway trip.

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Photos: me & @peterlang
Driving: @peterlang


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19 thoughts on “Pacific Coast Highway – Spectacular Coastline

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    Absolutely amazing photos! I did this trip on March and I was fascined!!

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    So gorgeous! Following you back for sure 🙂

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      thank you Crisite.

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    oh wow, this place looks perfect *_* !!!!
    would you like to follow each other?

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    Andrea Ramirez Martinez

    Love the pics! It reminds me of Pacific COas the tv show about surfers! COuld you please consider following each other? Twitter: @shineonbyandrea Instagram: Shineonbyandrea

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      ha that’s cool, I’ll go check out your blog.

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    Kristina Lennon

    Breathtaking views, beautiful photographs 🙂

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      thank you Kristina =)

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    Run With Fashion

    Looove the photos, really beautiful. 🙂
    I loove Carmel, I’ve been there once in the past, such a cute place ♥ I also miss Monterey.
    btw, thanks for your comment on my summer lust list post 🙂

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      Carmel is such a cute little beach town, its always so relaxing visiting it.

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    Debora D

    Woow amazing,places,would to be there…kisses!


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    Daniela Macsim

    I hope I get to visit these wonderful places!

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      you should definitely plan on visiting them and if you need help on the planning the locations just let me know =)

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    The PCH is one of my favorite drives when I’m on the west coast ! your pictures are stunning 🙂

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      thank you =)

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    WOW! I can’t believe you took these, they look like professional photos.You weren’t kidding when you said unforgettable. I think the most breathtaking photo is the first one, but the one with the carnival is also really cool, just in a different way.

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      yay thank you! I’m very happy with the way they turned out! So happy you think they look great!

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    This is amazing! Loved the pictures… Sooooo jealous =)

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      thank you =)