10 Amazing Photos from Paris- Part 2

Eiffel Tower Photo with blue sky

Eiffel Tower at one in the morning

le grand palais, Paris

Art vendors in front of Notre Dame

Le arc de triomphe, Paris France

Stylishlyme in front of le arc de triomphe

River Eiffel tower and Boat photo

Bridge in front of Eiffel tower at night

Stylishlyme in a Cafe in Paris

Paris Opera at night

This is post two of my top photos from Paris, did you get to see part 1. I am going to spend this post explaining these photos (not all but some) so you have a better understanding of why I love them so much.

Eiffel Tower White Lights

There was one thing on my list that I wanted to do before I left Paris, see the Eiffel Tower lit up in white. So on the last night after dinner we took the metro and waited. I wasn’t going to leave until I saw the lights, it was very cold and we probably should have been more covered up but I wasn’t going to leave. I am not sure how many people get to see these lights, maybe millions, but on that night it was only my boyfriend and I and it is one of those moments in which you can’t help but smile the entire time. (FYI these lights go on at one in the morning)

Les Deux Plateaux

The third photo is of the Grand Palais Courtyard, where 260 black and white striped columns enliven the courtyard installed in 1986 by Daniel Buren. We passed this before dinner on our way to the restaurant. A lot of these photos were actually taken on the same day because it wasn’t until the last two days that we decided to go sightseeing and take these beautiful photos.

Art Vendors- Quai de la Tournelle

Art, book and souvenir vendors align the Quai de la Tournelle along the side of Notre Dame.

Bir-Hakeim Bridge

You might recognize this bridge as the bridge from inception. (Really liked that movie) This is where you get amazing shots of the Eiffel Tower, the photo right above it of La Seine and the dinner boat was taken on the same night.
So what do you think, would love to hear your thoughts.


Photos: @peterlang


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    Aletha Lang

    fabulous pixs that capture the feeling and magic!

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    WOw your shots are amazing! Love them

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