10 Amazing Photos from Paris- Part 1

Photo of Eiffel tower black and White

Stylishlyme taking a photo in Paris

Styishlyme Shopping in the Marais

Stylishlyme in Paris France in April

In front on the Louvre

Paris France The Louvre

Nimes France Oldest Greek Structure

Home away from Home

Dessert in Paris France restaurant

Creme Brulee from Paris France

Photography in Paris

When in Paris you will never run out of stores, food or monuments to take photos of. This is one of the many reasons I love Paris but this is what also leads to coming home with thousands upon thousands of photos. This is part one of two posts of my top 10 photos from Paris (and one or two other locations). When I saw these photos I knew I had to share them with you. It has been a little over a month since we come home from our trip but finally the pictures are done, some to be printed and hung on our walls, some to be shared online and some to be made into a book.

Location of Photographs

I am pretty sure you know all of the major places these photos were taken but for the ones that are not that obvious let me tell you where they were. Photo 3 was in a little shop in the Marais, filled I mean filled with the cutest things for your kitchen. Hundreds of types of small spoons for your espresso in the morning, cups like you wont believe and little nick knacks that you are not sure what they are but have to buy.

Photo 7 was of a Roman Temple in Nîmes, France. It is one the best-preserved Roman Temples in the territories of the former Roman Empire. Very cool, don’t you think. Photo 8 was in the west of France in the little town of Chantonnay. This is the house we stayed in when we were in the west for the wedding. The last two photos of the beautiful desserts were in the Restaurant du Palais Royal, our last dinner in Paris. I couldn’t make up my mind up for which dessert I wanted so we ordered both and they were delicious.

Are you planning to travel to Paris this summer or anywhere else?


Photos: @peterlang


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5 thoughts on “10 Amazing Photos from Paris- Part 1

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    Really lovely pictures, thanks for sharing these treasures !

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    i loved to go there too! nice pics!

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    I’ve always wanted to go to Paris! Looks like so much fun!

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    Nancys fashion

    Amazing. I have’t been to Paris and when I see photos like these it make me want to go more. 

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    Beautiful photos! Love, love can’t wait to see the second part.