A Stylish Watch for a Stylish Gent

Peter Lang Stylishlyme Photograper

MVMT Black on Black Watch - Stylishlyme

MVMT Mens Watches - Stylishlyme

Money Tree Bellagio Las Vegas - Stylishlyme

Stylish Mens Watch - Stylishlyme

the bellagio fountains las vegas - Stylishlyme

Stylish black mens Watch - Stylishlyme

Black on Black MVMT Mens Watch - Stylishlyme

An Affordable & Stylish Watch For Your Other Half

Today, let’s turn the lens on the other half of this blog, the half that makes this blog possible – Peter. It is this stylish gent who ensures you don’t see bad iPhone photos and ramblings of unnecessary happenings.

Peter is quite selective when it comes to the accessories he wears. He wants them to be stylish yet sophisticated and of good quality. A watch is one of the few items he wears on a daily basis and he prefers watches with minimal design and no fuss. We stumbled upon this black on black watch with red accents from MVMT that fits with almost any outfit – casual to suit.

If you’re like me, on the look out for dapper accessories for your better half you know how difficult the search can be. The effortless style drew me to this sleek watch. The simplicity of the color combinations and design are not only tasteful but classic. This is why it can be dressed up, how Peter dresses most of the time, or dressed down with cargo pants and a casual long sleeve.

I would like one for myself for a menswear inspired look but the dial is too large for my wrist, sad.

Before I let you go, I have to ask you one thing. How much do you think it costs? Take a guess and then go check out the site, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Stay Stylish,

Photos: By V, Me =)


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