This Is How To Wear All Green

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Color Coordinating Your Summer Outfit

Do you ever try to wear the same color family in one outfit? This means selecting a color and then wearing different hues of that color. This is sort of what I did in this outfit.

First, a little back story on the jacket. I went searching for a new blazer for the office at LOFT. Why LOFT? Because they have petite sizes, a variety of choices, and amazing sales. I ended up leaving with four blazers and four tank tops all for under $100, I saved like a gazillion dollars! I need to mention, I never buy anything full price at LOFT. They have sales almost every other weekend so there is no need to shell out the full price for an item. As long as you can wait for the extra percentage off – like 40% off sale items. Outfits with the other jackets to come.

I started this outfit off with the olive green slouchy jacket, added a teal green tank top, fun printed silk shorts with hints of green, and I couldn’t help add green woven sandals.

The trick with wearing one color family is selecting very different hues. From dark to bright and maybe even pastels. Also, it’s a good idea to break up the color with a fun printed piece.

You can also go with two colors – I wore just blue and white in this outfit with printed shorts also.

Have you tried this style of color coordinating before?

YES? – I would love to know what color family you wore and how you mixed up your favorite colors!

NOT YET? – Next time you’re getting ready, select a color that looks best on you and then make sure you have different hues of that color in your wardrobe. Mix and match different pieces and create fun summer look.

Stay Stylish,

PS. I’m getting a hair trim soon (my hair looks super long in the second photo), not sure how much to cut off. I’m debating, but I’m thinking at least a good 6 inches.

Photos: @peterlang

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Create a Similar Look:

  • Tank top from LOFT
  • Jacket from LOFT
  • Printed Shorts from Gypsy 05
  • Woven Sandals gifted from Naughty Monkey

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