Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

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spring summer 2015 thrift shop trend - Stylishlyme

Spring Forecast – 2015 Fashion Trends

This post is for the upcoming 2015 fashion trends. Twice a year at MAGIC I get a sneak peak at the trends for the upcoming year.

Fashion Snoops, a fashion trend forecasting company, sets up trend booths with large prints, fabrics and color examples for each trend. Each of the fashion trends are explained in more detail below and I include photo examples of the booths above.


“There’s a regal sensibility in the Artisanal theme, as repeated geometric patterns and linear border designs create a majestic visual appeal. Rich jewel-tones are infused with intricate florals, while lace, suede and jacquard fabrics help evoke the elaborate nature of the trend. Texture becomes one of the most important qualities, and artisanal accents like fringing and embroidery create a luxurious look and feel.“

The key items for this artisanal trend are tunics, bandana shirts and pleated skirts. Look for handcrafted embroidery and 3d florals. For print and patterns look for border designs, blanket stripes and repeated geometrics.

Avant Pop

“Avant pop combines animated hues with abstract art. bold prints and daring fabric manipulation. This expressive theme fuses eye-popping visuals with Surrealist imagery, as experimentation in art and design present unlikely juxtapositions. Asymmetric silhouettes and Pop Art-inspired faces are accentuated by jewel embellishments for a 3-dimensional hyper-realism effect, white textured fabrics, bright colors, outlandish motifs and mixed media elements create a walking art gallery.”

The key items for this avant pop trend are asymmetric wrap skirts, boxy jackets and graphic sweatshirts. Look for artistic applique and pieced construction. For print and patterns look for pop art, art studio and surrealist designs.


“A minimalist approach to design is defined in Streamline, where sophisticated, simple silhouettes create an ultra-modern appeal underscored with a relaxed, athletic attitude. Parachute nylon, mesh and foamy textured appear in soft muted tones, and are accentuated by transparent layers, contrast trims and industrial zippers. Cotton shirting and organza add further add further interest, while subtle styling creates a refined interpretation of this slick aesthetic.”

The key items for this streamline trend are mixed media sweatshirts, track pants and popover. Look for zippers and perforated clothing. For print and patterns look for active blocking, faux texture and linear designs.

Thrift Shop

“Retro inspiration shifts into a new direction with Thrift Shop, effortlessly combining a vintage aesthetic with a polished sensibility. A 70s-centric color palette fuses nostalgic hues with pops of kitschy brights, perfect for conversational prints, while materials such as french terry, crisp poplin and faded denim feature heavily. Patterned fabrics create a craft-inspired look, and suede patchwork compliments artful embroidery for a new spin on this second-hand inspired theme.”

The key items for this thrift shop trend are pencil skirts, oversized jackets and shirt-jackets. Look for patch-pockets and craft applique. For print and patterns look for dark paradise, deco kitsch and conversational kitsch designs.

Each of these 2015 fashion trends brig with them there own characteristic and individuality. Each speaks to an individual style and the variety of styles makes it so no one gets left out of being trendy.

Which of the four 2015 fashion trends is your favorite?

Stay Stylish,

PS: My favorite trend is Artisanal.

Photos: @peterlang
Source: Fashion Snoops

summer spring 2015 fashion trends - Stylishlyme

spring 2015 fashion trends - Stylishlyme

thrift shop spring trend - Stylishlyme

spring 2015 fashion trends - Stylishlyme

spring summer 2015 fashion trends - Stylishlyme

2015 spring fashion trends - Stylishlyme

artisanal spring 2015 trends - Stylishlyme

avant pop spring trend - Stylishlyme

avant pop fashion trend spring 2015 - Stylishlyme

2015 spring trend streamline - Stylishlyme

streamline - Spring 2015 fashion trends - Stylishlyme


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