Pretty Outfit for Summer – Scalloped Lace & Pink Pants

Ombre Lace Shirt

Pink Pants for Summer

Scalloped Lace Top

Pink Pants and Lace Shirt

Black Flower Heels

Pretty Outfit for Summer

Long Wavy Hair

Pink Pants Lace Top and Heels

Bright Pink Pants for Summer

I know what you’re thinking, bright pink shorts, bright outfit and now bright pink pants, when will this brightness end? I’ll stop posting bright outfits when I run out of bright outfits to share =). I recently bought these pants on sale and they’re perfect for summer. I centered the outfit on these bright pants and wore a very pretty pair of black heels and a scalloped lace top.

It’s only Tuesday and I can’t wait for the weekend. We’re taking a California road trip down the Pacific Coastal Highway from San Francisco to Malibu/Santa Monica! Yay! This means lots of fun pics and a video! Yes, I’m going to share with you a travel video so you can see for yourself the beauty of California. I appreciate your support and I’m excited to share with you more videos.


Photos: @peterlang


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