Perfect Summer Pink Dress

Stylishlyme Small brown purse

Stylishlyme BCBG Pink Summer Dress

Stylishlyme Pink Dress Details

Stylishlyme Sun hat and Pink

Stylishlyme Covered for Summer

Stylishlyme Sun Hat

Stylishlyme Perfect Summer Outfit

Stylishlyme Beaded Necklace

Stylishlyme Large Summer Hat

Stylishlyme Summer Look

Here is my first “real” summer outfit, sun hat and all. By real I mean it is sunny enough to wear a sun hat and a strapless dress and not be cold. I love this dress, I’ve had it for a while now and I really can wear it anywhere. The beach- perfect, casual lunch-perfect, spending the day relaxing-perfect, so you see it has a lot of use. =)

Do you notice anything particular on the hat? If you do, it will give you a clue to where I bought it. Let’s just say that it is the happiest place on earth =).


Photos: @peterlang


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11 thoughts on “Perfect Summer Pink Dress

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    Love this look! The hat is so chic

    Life in Style

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    stella rodriguez

    Love your dress! beautiful ! Bisous belles!

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      Thank you!!

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    Love this look, so perfect for summer. I think I spy mickey ears on that hat!! How adorable!!!

    • default avatar

      Thank you! Yes they are mickey ears =) I bought the hat in Disneyland.

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    annalisa arcando

    so so cute! xx

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      Thank you Annalisa!

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    Love it love it !!! this color suits you perfectly !! new in on my blog, take a look !!



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      Happy to hear that, I tan so easily. thank you!

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    I really like yogur dress! It so wonderfull

    • default avatar

      thank you!