Make a Difference – with a tee

Make a Difference Tee

Make a difference tee worn in Carmel

Natural outfit by Stylishlyme

Beach photos in Carmel by Stylishlyme

Carmel by the Sea Wave

Max Studio Flowered Skirt

Waves rolling in at Carmel

Sun and Sunglasses in Carmel

Beach view in Carmel by the Sea

This is why I love twitter

Twitter allows me to meet and interact with the creators and businesses behind the clothing we all wear, like the owner of Retail Therapy Dr. Jenn. She sent me this entirely “green” Make a Difference tee that looks great with my green (color) skirt from Max Studio. (You can follow my twitter here.)

Green Fashion

I have written a post about companies making an effort to be “green” before, How to turn your Blue Jeans Green, but when it comes to the combination of green efforts and clothing I love it even more. When I write that the tee is “entirely green”, I really mean the entire shirt from the fabric to the tags is organic. Get this, plantable tags, the tags are made from recycled paper and embedded with seeds. Plant them and wildflowers will grow! You can read all about it here.

Carmel by the Sea

These photos were also taken during my trip to Carmel, the beach and colors made for the perfect location for this outfit. You can read more about Carmel here; it is such a beautiful and peaceful location.

What is your favorite “Green Fashion” company? Let me know in the comments below!


Photos: @peterlang


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9 thoughts on “Make a Difference – with a tee

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    Great outfit, the casual tee would be great for the summer. 


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    These are beautiful, the tee is great. Going to have to take a look the their site =)


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    Kenzi Mills

    Gorgeous Photos!!! & I love the outfit. The details on the skirt are great. I love a feminine skirt with a casual Tee. 

    Is there a website where I could find this Tee? (or others like it??) 


  • default avatar

    Great partnership here! I love the simple look for the tee, and great message


    Life in Style

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    Mels Style

    Great outfit for the atmosphere in Carmel. 

    Love the photos. 
    Love the Tee. 
    Love Carmel.


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    It is great that you like and support green businesses! That is a great shirt, simple and to the point! 

    Love from Spain 

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    Your photos are fantastic, you are always having so much fun! 

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    Jessica lucas

    Adorable Shirt and beautiful photos!!