Mad for Plaid – Your Essential Shopping Guide for Plaid

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Shopping for the Best Plaid Pieces

If you follow me on Twitter, which I hope you do, you might know that I’m currently mad for plaid. I’ve been seeing plaid everywhere and I have to say that I’ve become a fan. You name it, I want it, plaid scarves, coats, pants and shirts in all shades from green to burgundy.

When the air turns crisp deep hues and menswear inspired patterns starts to emerge and plaid is a big contender. Think classy chic plaid instead of dingy grunge plaid. You want to take the sophisticated approach when it comes to this pattern, think Miroslava Duma as opposed to Paul Bunyan. You can add a touch of plaid with a scarf or make it the center of your outfit with a plaid shirt or plaid pants. You can make plaid office appropriate by wearing a super chic pair of plaid pumps, like the gorgeous ones pictured above from Alica + Olivia.

Of course one thing you can never go wrong with is plaid pajamas. Buy your own or borrow your favorite plaid flannel top from your boyfriends closet. Of course you have to find the perfect pair of red plaid pajamas for a picture perfect Christmas morning.

1. Tartan Scarf
2. BDG Buffalo Plaid Tunic Sweater
3. Long-Sleeve Plaid Workshirt
4. Alice + Olivia Pointed Toe Pumps
5. Plaid Pajamas
6. Woven Plaid Loafers
7. Long-Sleeve Plaid Shirtdress
8. Plaid Miniskirt
9. Cozy multi-color plaid scarf
10. Cozy Plaid Button-down
11. iPhone 5 Case in Plaid Print
12. Petite crinkle boy shirt in Black Watch plaid
13. Washed Plaid Sweater
14. High Waist Pants in Plaid
15. Daisy Street Plaid Mini Skirt
16. Cozy Plaid Short
17. Check Merino Wool Scarf

Have you added something plaid to your fall wardrobe?

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