In the Mojave Desert – Southern Nevada

Outfit Photo in Desert Nevada - Stylishlyme

Lonely Desert Dirt Road - Stylishlyme

Mojave Desert Nevada - Stylishlyme

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Desert Dirt Road Nevada - Stylishlyme

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Desert Photography Nevada - Stylishlyme

Colorful Flowy Top - Stylishlyme

Photos in the Desert

Driving home from Las Vegas we made the mandatory stop in the Mojave Desert. We found a lonely dirt road in the middle of nowhere and tried to capture the vastness of this desolate place.

I wasn’t wearing anything specific for these photos – just something comfortable for a 6 hour drive home. A pair of denim cutoff shorts, a flowy Greylin top, my favorite Havaianas sandals and a super cute green mini crossbody. This is my comfortable and stylish Las Vegas road trip outfit.

Have you ever stopped to take photos in the desert? If so, where?

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Lonely Desert Photos: @peterlang


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