How to Wear a Chambray Top with a Spring Dress

Chambray Floral Spring Outfit

Polka Dot Chambray Shirt

Floral Spring Outfit

Orange Michael Kors Handbag

Chambray Over Dress

Long Wavy Summer Hair

Orange Michael Kors Hamilton

Spring Nail Polish

Chambray and Floral

Large Hamilton Saffiano Tote Michael Kors | Savannah Heels gifted by Sole Society

A Spring Chambray Shirt

It seems like chambray is all the rage this year or maybe it just seems that way because I never take it off I own some chambray tops thus I’m finally noticing this trend. I really love chambray shirts because it’s cute and versatile. Check out how I’ve worn this chambray shirt before How to Wear Chambray & Stripes, How to Wear an Evening Top During the Day, and What to Wear for Valentine’s Day – A Casual Outfit.

Another popular trend this spring is orange, especially in accessories. If you need to add some color to your spring outfit just add a pop of orange. It wasn’t intentional but I have orange throughout my outfit, from my dress to my orange Michael Kors bag to my bright orange heels from Sole Society.

What do you think of this popular chambray trend?

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang


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27 thoughts on “How to Wear a Chambray Top with a Spring Dress

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    Hi V!
    I’m loving your website… I got to this page after browsing through all the tips in your last fashionable email 🙂 You’re spot-on with your colors and your jewelry is always so complimentary and… well, somehow all that orange just looks stunning and effortless on you! The entire outfit caught my eye because, here we are in Spring of 2014 and orange is sooo in right now! I’ve always secretly loved these but was never really able to pull them off; I will definitely try wearing chambray shirts again. 😀

    On another note, I would like to ask if you could start tagging the jewelry you wear… the necklace you’re wearing here is beautiful and, being a self-described “jewelry gypsy”, I want it, want it, want it & I want to know where you got it!! LOL! It is incredibly similar to several styles we have in our new lia sophia spring catalog so I literally did a double-take when I saw it: I just finished my registration to start my own business as a lia sophia advisor (direct sales shows) and love the idea of our pieces finding their way into your site. 😉 If you’re new to lia sophia I hope you’ll check out our website & connect with a lia sophia advisor in your area (I’m based in Fresno, CA) and if you’re already a loyal customer then my work here is done, lol!

    Thanks for everything you do and I hope you’ll consider letting all the jewelry getting close-ups in your photo shoots have a tag as well. 🙂

    Fashionably yours,
    Nancy Magana

    P.S. I noticed you’ve labeled a few of your clothing items in other photos as “gifted” which tells me you’re great at networking and have an eye for quality items at bargain prices… lia sophia is all about both! You get to meet wonderful women with every show you do and the MORE you shop with lia sophia the LESS you pay!!! 😀

    Check out lia sophia at & Share the love of jewelry <3
    My own liasophia website will be coming soon! 🙂

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    Thank you for posting a photo of those Sole Society heels! I was wondering what they look like on a real person. Gorgeous!

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    Gorgeous dress! And I love the fresh colors – teal nails & orange bag make for a very spring look! Love it!

    Bold Subtlety

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    I love how you paired your chambray with a floral dress! Such a great idea. You’ve totally inspired me! I’m definitely going to be trying this soon.

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    Loving the chambray! I really must invest in one soon, love the way you styled it 🙂
    Gorgeous heels as well. Maya – Archistas

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    Luv the bag & the heels.

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    Luv the bag & the heels.

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    you have such a great blog! and these photos are so summerish I want to cry! perfect!
    xx Vanes

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    what a good idea to pair chambray over a fun spring floral print, super chic. so funny you said you always wear it too & i enjoyed reading your about page. i’m a biz major too but you’d never know… on the blog anyway : )

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    What a super cute look, Vanessa! I love the polka dot and floral mix! Totally pinned this to my blogger board on Pinterest, haha! 😉

    Pink Carnations

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    Lovely way to use the chambray top!! I never thought about it, but when summer will get here too I’m going to try it 🙂

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    I am a huge chambray denim shirt fan (I have quite a few as well) and wear them over/under & around the waist with pretty much anything! Love your look and also your hair – I must grown mine!

    p.s. thanks so much for your sweet comment.x

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    Cute mix of things — fun to see it all come together. Fresh & young!

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    fantastic dress! love it! all the details are great!

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    love that dress and the sandals!

    xo Andrea

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    gorgeous dress and chambray!
    kw ladies in navy

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    Love it. I wore a similar outfit for the Easter holiday. Loving chambray 🙂

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    It looks great, love it, the shoes are sooo beautiful!

    <3 Val

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    Absolutly stunning: your outfit makes me wish it was already summer 😀

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      It already feels like summer here – reason for the spring/summer outfits.

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    Pure Cane Sugar

    Cute! I love this look!
    ♥ xoxo Cori

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    Cool idea, it looks really nice on you 🙂

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    Very cute outfit! Thank you so much for this inspiration as I have lots of summer dresses but due to the German weather I can’t wear them as often as I wish. This is a great way to style them!

    Lady of Style

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      Thank you! Very happy I can help you with some inspiration!