How I Wear Lace, Casually

Stylishlyme Spring Casual Lace

Stylishlyme Casual Vintage Lace

Stylishlyme Casual Weekend

Stylishlyme Casual Lace

Stylishlyme Black White Grey Lace

Stylishlyme Heart Purple Ring

Stylishlyme Pink Blossoms

Stylishlyme Spring Pink Blossoms

Stylishlyme Pink Blossoms

I am usually pretty casual on the weekend unless I have something I need to do or somewhere I need to go. I don’t need to be dressed like I’m ready for a gala when typically I am relaxing with my boyfriend, watching a movie or working on something we didn’t get to during the week. You’ll usually catch me in shorts, flats, some sort of t-shirt and a scarf, picture Gap crossed with a Resort collection. Would you like to see some pictures? Maybe I’ll post some.

I recently bought this beautiful lace shirt in a vintage shop, loved it. This is how I wear lace “casually.” A pair of worn in jeans and wedges, that’s it – simple, classic. I’m very much a classic girl incorporating mixes of trends.


Photos: @peterlang


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