Fall / Winter 2013-2014 Footwear Trends

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Fall 2013 Footwear Trends

I know we are in the thick of spring and it’s difficult to even begin to think about fall footwear trends until the long summer days are behind us but I thought I would give you a slight head start to Fall and Winter footwear trends.

Back in February I was lucky enough to attend MAGIC, the World’s Largest Apparel Trade Show, where I got a glimpse into the upcoming trends. I already wrote Spring/Summer 2014 Trends and now I thought it would be fun to explore what footwear we might be buying later this year.

These trend boards we’re created by Fashion Snoops, a global trend forecasting company. Part of their role as the official trend partner of MAGIC is the creation of these informational trend galleries that are placed throughout the Sourcing Show.

The Flat

Take a step down from high-heels and into the seasons top fashion flats. Smoking slippers, traditional loafers and innovative ballet flats make for a perfect assortment this fall.
The Flat Fall 2013 -  2013-2014 Footwear Trends

The Casual Boot

The most versatile style of the season, ‘Casual Boots’ encompass every silhouette from low cut ankle bots to the classic Chelsea. Oxblood red and a deep ink blue set a moody tone for this FW 13/14 footwear category.
The Casual Boots Fall - 2013-2014 Footwear Trends

The Heel

For 13/14 heel heights start to come down with a single-sole pumps taking center stage. Kitten heels and mid-heel heights become increasingly relevant as the color palette shifts to winter white and neutrals.
Footwear trends Fall 2013

The Hybrid

With unexpected peep-toes and open backs, high heels and boots collide forming the best of both worlds with this fresh new FW 13/14 style. Sleek and geometric details give a modern update.
The Hybrid -  2013-2014 Footwear Trends

The Winter Boots

From over-the-knee styles to fur lined and luxe booties get ready to brave the winter chill with these key FW 13/14 styles. Exotic skins and dark, rich palette keep these silhouettes sophisticated.
The Winter Boot -  2013-2014 Footwear Trends

Which trend excites you the most?

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    Great post on designer footwear Fall 2013..loved it!!

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    I am so happy that stylish boots are still going strong!
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    I’m all about the flats and casual boots. I practically wear them all year round! lol Great post. 🙂

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