Forecasting – Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

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Rocker - Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

Forecasting Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

If you’re looking to stay one step ahead from the fashion pack here is a sneak peek at the fall 2014 fashion trends.

Every time I attend MAGIC I take a sneak peek at the trends forecasting booth in Sourcing. Sourcing at MAGIC is the biggest event in the world in regards to well, sourcing. You attend sourcing if you are serious about getting your clothes manufactured. At Sourcing you get to meet the people in charge of the manufacturing plants where your clothes are going to be made from all around the world. There are executives here from India, China, the Americas, Australia, Canada, Colombia and so on.

The color and trend galleries are located in the Sourcing because this is where it all begins. There wouldn’t be any clothes if they weren’t thought of and manufactured first. You are a year ahead at sourcing, this is the reason the trend booths cover trends for fall of next year and not spring. Springs collections are already being sold in the other areas of MAGIC.

These are some fall 2014 fashion trends to look forward to.

Rocker Trend
Authentic elements of 90s grunge and 70s punk collide to form Rocker. Sleek leathers and destroyed denim are the defining materials, complimented by moody plaids and dark florals. Trims add to the hard-edged nature of the theme with embellishments like metal studs and zippers.

Pro Sport Trend
A continuation of athletic reference surfaces with Pro-Sport, powered by technical fabric advancements, motocross inspiration and a modern-day warrior approach. Sculpted and pliable shapes are at the forefront with neoprene, while leather commands attention in perforated and quilted varieties.

Folkloric Trend
Folkloric channels the boho glamour of the 60’s and 70’s, mixing expensive tastes with carefree attitudes inspired by the era’s musicians and their model girlfriends. Rich Tapestry fabrics are the heart of this theme, inspired by skilled craftsmen of past generations. An array of patchwork patterns and plush textures create a creative yet cohesive mix. Furs and earthy shearlings add to the bohemian vibe.

Boudoir Trend
Classical references of old Hollywood starlets and Victorian gentlemen inspire Boudoir, with an underlying pajama reference. Full on luxe indulgences like silk, jacquard and velvet, this theme is romance worthy of the big screen. Prints and patterns mimic the wall papered corridors of legendary hotels with ditsy florals and tie prints, while delicate trims like ostrich feathers play up fantasy.

My favorite trend has to be boudoir, it’s an excuse to walk around in pajamas all day =), just kidding.

Which of these fall 2014 fashion trends is your favorite?

Stay Stylish,

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Photos by: @peterlang
Source: Fashion Snoops

Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

2014 fashion trends Fall - stylishlyme

print pattern fall fashion trend - stylishlyme

Forecasting Fall 2014 Fashion Trends - stylishlyme

fall 2014 fashion trends - stylishlyme

fall 2014 fashion trends - boudior - stylishlyme

Sport - Fall 2014 fashion trends - stylishlyme


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