Blazer, Stripes and flowers

Stylishlyme Field

Stylishlyme Stripes Beads and Blazer

Stylishlyme Beauty Field

Stylishlyme Laughing

Stylishlyme Stripes

Stylishlyme Sunset Flowers

My absolute favorite thing to wear in Spring are dresses. They are easy, comfortable and all you need to do is put one on and your done besides the accessories of course. This is my first dress outfit for Spring, a striped short dress with a “preppy” blazer and a waisted belt. Has a nautical vibe to it.

What is your favorite piece for Spring?


Photos: @peterlang


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7 thoughts on “Blazer, Stripes and flowers

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    I love navy style. You’re amazing w/ this dress. x

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    Love the stripes and the photos..

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    modanista junkie

    Yes me too. I love dresses, and can live in them during spring and summer!


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    Noemi ♥

    Love the dress where is it from?
    ♥ Noemi

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      I bought it at a local beach shop in California

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    I love the blazer. And the sunset??? Beautiful. 🙂 Keep it going!!!

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    Oh these pictures are beautiful! I love love love your dress. Dresses are my absolute favourite too 🙂
    Love, L.