Black Coat, Black Tights, Black Heels

Stylishlyme Black Coat

Stylishlyme Black Tights

Stylishlyme Black Tights and Shoes

Stylishlyme Purple Necklace

Stylishlyme Purple Skirt

Stylishlyme Chained Necklace

I hope everyone had a fun and exciting New Year’s celebration and a wonderful start to 2012. I have been away for a little bit to long, sorry about that. I have been super busy and am trying to catch up. I am working on so many wonderful things and I can not wait to share them. Well, one I will be sharing tomorrow!!

Get ready for lots of outfit posts, giveaways, interviews, a little daily help and so much more. This year is going to be filled with so many exciting posts, I hope you are ready! =)


Photos: @peterlang


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