An Outfit for Exploring the City of Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain

Cute Summer Travel Outfit - Stylishlyme

Barcelona Travel Outfit - Stylishlyme

Black Top and Denim Shorts - Stylishlyme

Floral Beaded Pink Necklace - Stylishlyme

Summer Travel Outfit - Stylishlyme

Summer Travel Outfit - Stylishlyme

Black Top gifted by Karen Kane | Mini Cross-body gifted by Cuore and Pelle | Necklace gifted by Sole Society | Sunglasses by DKNY | Shorts from Buckle

Casual Travel Outfit

This is my second outfit post from our trip to Barcelona. The first: An Outfit for a Day at the Park.

Deciding what to bring is always difficult but you can always be sure of Black. It’s one of the easiest colors to wear and this is especially true when traveling. When I was packing I made sure to bring a couple of black items, as black will work for any situation. This is also true for white t-shirts.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a very stylish black top that has personality, which enabled be to use it as the base of my outfit. The large sleeves, tie front, and V neckline added the perfect touch of style to an otherwise casual outfit. The neckline of this shirt made it ideal for a larger necklace. That larger necklace being this pink floral necklace with whites and a hint of gold that matched the gold chain from the mini cross body.

These photos were taken in front of La Sagrada Família, a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain. Like my previous post featuring the stunning Parc Güell this church was designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. I’ll share more photos of this breathtaking church later this week and a few essential travel tips if you ever plan on visiting this church. If you missed my post on Park Guell and the Magical Fountains make sure to check out, and my first outfit post from Barcelona.

What do you think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments!

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Photos: @peterlang


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