An All White Outfit

Stylishlyme - An All White Outfit

Stylishlyme - Mint Nailpolish

Stylishlyme - White Top White Shorts

Stylishlyme - White Outfit with Bracelets

Stylishlyme - Seagreen Bracelet

Stylishlyme - Long Side Braid

Stylishlyme - Lace Applique Top

Stylishlyme - Four Beaded Bracelts

Stylishlyme White Summer Shorts

An All White Outfit with Pastels

This is one of my favorite white shirts. The pretty appliqué at the ends of its sleeves makes it more than just a plain white shirt, it makes it perfect. I decided to wear an all white outfit so the focus is on these beautiful pastel bracelets from Wish Jewelry. Wearing accessories, such as these, is a great way to keep up with the spring/summer trends.

An All White Studio

You may have noticed on this post and a previous one that I’m in a white room, a drastic change from my usual outdoor outfit posts. Reason- I wanted to share my daily outfit posts more often so we expanded our office to include a photography studio. I’ve never really mention my company but the business is growing rapidly which means I’m getting busier and busier and I needed a way to share my outfits more easily. Which means on days I wouldn’t be able to post, now I can! I’ll continue to share outfit posts in the great outdoors of California but expect to see two to three of these white room posts per week.

To continue to show my appreciate to all of you we’re going to be giveaway the bracelets in the photos above. Come back later today for the giveaway post!


Photos: @peterlang


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